Yoga Pants
Learn how to make your own exercise wear

Yoga pants are easy to make. This is a great project for beginner sewers. You don't have to pay high prices for exercise pants from the stores in the mall. Dare I say "lululemon".

Yoga pants tutorial

 Yes I have purchased their exercise wear and yes it is nice, but it is very expensive. So try making your own and save money.

how to make your own yoga pants
  • I started with an inspiration photo from the internet. This is a great way to get started. Then you can continue by looking for a pattern that will resemble your original inspiration.
  • I chose this photo from Victoria Secret. It was my inspiration for how I wanted my exercise pants to look.
  • I highly recommend using knit fabrics with spandex.
    Stretch knit fabrics with spandex woven into it keeps a better shape.

There is a variety of commercial sewing patterns available for active wear and the stretch knit fabrics in the fabric stores, are readily available.

Here are some examples of sewing patterns you can use for yoga pants.

Yoga Pants Pattern

Here is an example of a sewing pattern available from Jalie Patterns. I find Jalie patterns are accurate for size and the patterns offer all sizes in one. 

If you click the photo to go to the website, you can see more of what they offer. yoga pants pattern

How To Make Yoga Pants:
step by step

If you can follow the easy directions on the pattern. However, I will give the "step by step" of how I put the pants together.

  Step by Step Tutorial
Step One:

  • After you cut out your pattern, separate the pieces and place one front with one back.
  • Pin the right sides of the fabric together at the inseam
make your own yoga pants

Step Two:

  • Stitch the inseams together. The photo shows a serger being used, but you can do this with a 3 mm straight stitch and slightly pull the fabric as you sew.
  • Or use a small zig zag stitch. If your machine has a stretch stitch built in then use this to sew your seam. Steam press your seams to flatten them.
make your own yoga p

Step Three:

  • Now with right sides the fabric together and raw edges even pin the crotch of the two layers together and stitch in the same manner as the in the inseams.
  • Press to flatten the seam.
make your own yoga pants

Step Four:

  • After sewing the crotch, and with right sides of the fabric together, pin and stitch the sides seams.
Yoga pants tutorial

Step Five:

  • For the waistband, fold the waistband in half lengthwise with right sides of the fabric together, pin and stitch the band to make a complete circle.
Sewing yoga pants
  • With right sides together, pin the waistband to the pants. Stitch the raw edges together.
  • Measure a piece of 1 1/2 inch wide elastic to comfortably go around your waist and add 1" for the seam.
  • Stitch the elastic the same way as you did with the waistband. Only instead of sewing the ends on top of each other, overlap the ends so the elastic will be flat.
  • Fold the elastic in equal parts to find the center front, back and sides of the elastic. Mark each section with a pen.
  • Now with the elastic on the wrong side of the waistband, pin and tack stitch the elastic only to the waistband at the four marks you made on the elastic.
  • Using a zigzag stitch works well.
  • Now you can fold the other side of the waistband over the elastic and sew all the raw edges of the pants and waistband together.

Finished Results

yoga pants tutorial
How to sew yoga pants

Try this tutorial and see how great it is to save money and do it yourself. 

Have you made yoga exercise pants and you would like to share how they look, you can upload your version, just click the link below.

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