Sew Your Own Yoga Clothes

Yoga clothes have become a popular fashion style in most parts of North America. Whether you practice yoga or find that yoga wear is a comfortable choice of clothing, sew your own, here’s how. Weekend wear and quick trips to the grocery store no longer require a higher level of dress code. 

yoga clothing

From a fashion couture point of view, that may not be considered a good thing. In any case, yoga clothing particularly, yoga pants, is a popular clothing item.

Although the practice of yoga is an ancient eastern tradition originating in India, yoga has fast become a popular form of exercise and life style in the western cultures, over the last few decades.

The fabric stores are incorporating quality exercise fabric into their inventories, so finding good quality fabric choices for yoga clothing or exercise wear are becoming easier.

  • The photo below is my version of yoga clothes. I made a top and pants and I was happy with how they turned out.

Patterns For Yoga Clothes

Where to find the best exercise patterns? I have listed some of, what I think are the best choices in yoga exercise patterns.

Getting Started

Below are inspiration photos and the sewing patterns that are available for you to make your own yoga wear. Let's get started.

I started by looking at the internet for inspiration. I had an idea of the style I wanted, and found this example.

Yoga clothes
  • Then I went searching for a pattern that would be the same as my inspiration photo.
  • The pattern I found at It is pattern 3660.
  • To find this pattern click the photo to the left.

Next I looked again for an inspiration photo for my yoga pants. I found this photo on the Victoria Secret website.

yoga clothes
  • I found another pattern from and the pattern is kwiksew 3115.
  • To find this pattern click the photo to the left.

The patterns I chose are not difficult to use. Follow the direction sheet to see how the garments are put together.

For more information about understanding patterns go to my sewing patterns page.

Fabric Choices

The type of fabric you use to make your yoga outfits, of course needs to be stretchy or have a considerable amount of give. The ideal stretch fabric is a Cotton Spandex blend. For more information about Spandex Fabric click here.

Although not completely necessary, stretch knit fabric with spandex blended in, holds its shape better.

The fabric stores are now carrying organic stretch knits suitable for yoga fashion. Click here to know more.

There are many different styles of yoga clothes to choose from. Here are some yoga websites I have viewed to find inspiration for style color and types of fabrics.

How To Do Yoga Dvd's

It’s nice to be able to practice yoga from the comfort of your home. Below are yoga dvd’s and yoga websites that offer help for learning  yoga at home. 

Online Yoga Websites

Yoga Online For Everyone

Beginners Guide To Home Yoga

Do Yoga With Me

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Add Your Yoga Clothes Inspirations

Have you been sewing Yoga Clothes? Inspire us with how they turned out.

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Yoga Tank Top 
I used a Kwik Sew Pattern 3660. I used Cotton Spandex (3% Spandex) Grey and White contrast. The pattern was easy and I am happy with the out come.

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