What kind of needles to purchase for my Singer 9117?

by Dee Cagliero
(Victorville, CA USA)

I am new to sewing. Have a Singer 9117 and am going to make scrunchies for hair.

Not sure what kind of fabric I'm going to use.

Maybe a non woven fabric. What kind of needles should I purchase? Maybe Universal? Help : )

Hi Dee,

It will make a difference what type of fabric you are sewing. Most of the time a pack of Universal needles are fine. I have a Janome 10001 and I use Shmetz needles.

I would start out with a multi size pack. Then build your supply of needle sizes from there.
Here is a link to a chart you can refer to.

click here for a needle thread and fabric chart.

However if you are sewing stretch knits, a machine needle for stretch fabric is best.

You can buy packs of needles exclusively for stretch knits.

Good luck and congratulations on learning to sew.

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