Wardrobe Essentials 
Sew Your Own Wardrobe

Sew Your Own Wardrobe Essentials

 Wardrobe essentials, are the garments in your closet that give you the wardrobe foundation to build from. This information is created to inspire you to sew fashion basics, using sewing patterns that are currently available. If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry, there are plenty of sewing patterns for beginner and intermediate sewers. You can create your own wardrobe, even if your sewing skills are at a beginner level. 

What is your fashion style. Do you have a fashion genre that you relate to? Here are some categories you may find helpful if you are unsure what your fashion style is. 

Wardrobe essentials. A guide to your wardrobe style

Great Reasons To Sew Your Own
Wardrobe Essentials

  • You can't find a garment you like in the size or color you want.
  • You're on a budget and you need to lower your clothing allowance .
  • You want to learn a new skill and the creative energy is flowing.
  • You are having a baby and your regular wardrobe pieces are no longer fitting you.

Knowing how to sew and realizing that you can sew whatever you like, gives you options. Most people don’t sew everything that's in their closet, time is a factor, but the satisfaction of knowing you can is a wonderful thing.

 I often take for granted that most people know a little about fashion and at least can put basic wardrobe pieces together. However, when I have an opportunity to people watch, I can see that this is not the case. The young, the old, and every age in between, often don’t have a good concept of how to put a decent outfit together. This is what inspired me to offer some advice on what fashion staples we should have in our closet.

Tips on Achieving Your Best Style

    I recently stumble across this chart created by James Laver. I find it useful to a point, as I wouldn’t be getting rid of classic fashion styles after one year. Some fashion pieces are relatively timeless. Such as a wool pea coat. However, I did find it helpful. 
  • Indecent – 10 years before its time
  •  Shameless – 5 years before its time
  •  Outré (Daring) – 1 year before its time
  • Smart – ‘Current Fashion’
  •  Dowdy – 1 year after its time
  • Hideous – 10 years after its time
  • Ridiculous – 20 years after its time
  • Amusing – 30 years after its time
  • Quaint – 50 years after its time
  •  Charming – 70 years after its time
  • Romantic – 100 years after its time
  •  Beautiful – 150 years after its time

Marc Jacobs Teaches Fashion Design

Wardrobe Essentials
 Where To Start

Consider Your Life Style as a Whole

  • Wardrobe essentials are the pieces you absolutely need. When you are figuring out what you need and what you have, consider these things. What is your job description? What you do for a living will determine your wardrobe choices.
  • What is your family status? Are you single, do you have children? Often our family status can make a difference in our wardrobe choices. A parent with young children may choose simple styles to get out the door quickly. 
  • What do you do for entertainment? Are you active? Do you go to the theater?  Your social life and what you do for entertainment will also be a determining factor in wardrobe choices.

Please keep in mind if you are a stay at home mom or dad, or your job is "Phys Ed teacher" at the local high school, this doesn't mean that you have sweat pants, runners, and casual clothes and that is all, in your closet. 

Diversify your wardrobe. You may not wear a suit all the time if at all, but having a classic, well fitting suit in your closet will go far when you need one.

Scroll through each category one at a time or jump to the individual category that interests you.

Lingerie and Undergarment Patterns

So let's start by getting a little personal. Your undergarments should never be ill fitting or tattered. I know for the most part no one sees these garments, but you do. So on that note, you feel so much better when your undergarments fit well and are in good condition. You can  sew your own undergarments, but most of us don't have enough time in our lives for that. I recommend purchasing this part of your wardrobe, and keep it up to date. Don’t have bras and panties that don’t fit properly or they’re tattered in any way. Do your self a favor and keep these items in good shape. 

On the other hand if you would like to try to make your own undergarments, here are sewing patterns to get you started.

T-shirt Patterns

T-shirts don't have to be plain to be a wardrobe essential. Knit fabrics are readily available online as well in the fabric stores. For more information about t-shirts as a wardrobe essential click the here. Both v-neck and scoop neck t-shirts are necessary to have on hand. You can easily find t-shirt patterns for both styles. 

For more t-shirt pattern choices click the pattern companies below, you will find a wide variety of t-shirt pattens. 

McCalls, Butterick,Vogue, and Kwik Sew patterns. 

Simplicity and New Look, and Burda Patterns Websites 

Jalie Websites 

Plus Size Patterns

 Button Down Dress Shirt

The dress shirt can look dressy or classic casual. You can wear a dress  shirt with jeans, under a suit jacket, with a skirt and vest for a polished office look. There are so many ways to wear a white shirt and it's a necessary garment to have for your wardrobe.

Three Piece Suit

A suit jacket, skirt and slacks in grey preferably charcoal grey and medium weight fabric, will give you year round versatility.

The reason I prefer charcoal grey over the classic black or navy suit? This is because it tends to be difficult in the warmer months to wear the darker colors. If you prefer to stick to black then that is certainly an option.

If you really feel restricted wearing a suit, then a vest is great replacement for the suit jacket. A vest looks very sharp with both a pair of slacks or a skirt.

Black Skirt