Inspiration For T Shirt Designs

Three T Shirts-One Sewing Pattern

T Shirt Designs
T Shirt Designs
T Shirt Designs

 T shirt Designs...take a look at how you can make your own t shirts using sewing patterns and your imagination.

T-shirts can be quite expensive.

The specialty designer shirts that you may see in the boutiques, both on-line and in your local shops are pricey, but have you ever thought of sewing your own t shirt designs?

I am always looking for ways to make my wardrobe unique, with out paying the high cost of fashion. It's nice to treat your self sometimes but I have found ways to make your own designer t-shirts like you see in the retail stores.

  • Start by looking for images in magazines or images on the internet.
  • If you are a beginner sewer, look for simple t shirt designs to start out.

I chose Butterick Pattern 3344, the pattern you see below. Unfortunately this pattern is no longer in print, but there are many other sewing patterns to choose from. Below is a list of pattern companies to look at.

Butterick Sewing Patterns
  • I found my inspiration for the first t shirt I made. It had a cowl that also could be a hood. I wanted it to be a little different so I changed the hood and the cowl isn't as dramatic.
  •  This is the whole idea of sewing the style you like. You have that freedom when you use your imagination. 

First T shirt: Inspiration photo.

First T Shirt: My Version

For this top I use view E on the pattern. I liked the hood that my inspiration photo was showing, so I added this feature. I used the hood pattern piece form a Jalie pattern I already had. This goes to show you can be resourceful to accomplish what you need.

I also lengthened the t shirt, because the length did not appeal to me after I had tried it on. I added a 3" band, it went together very easily.

T Shirt Designs
Butterick Sewing Patterns

Second T Shirt: Inspiration Photo

The next top I made was view A from the pattern. My inspiration for this top was a simple wrap top that I liked.

Design your own t shirt
Patty Women Sexy Convertible Long Sleeve Casual Wrap Blouse Top

Second T Shirt: My Version

I wanted to dress it up a little by adding the satin band at the bottom. This  is a 3" band and went together easily. I also shortened the sleeves for a summer look.

T Shirt Designs

Third T Shirt: Inspiration Photo

The inspiration for the last t shirt design I made, was a Victoria Beckham image I found. I liked the business of the fabric, I didn't want to make a dress, I wanted a longer t shirt style to go over a pair of skinny jeans or slim fitted skirt.

Design your own t shirts

Third T Shirt: My Version

T Shirt Designs

I used view C of the Butterick pattern. I shortened the sleeves and extended the length about 7".

I hope this inspires you to find a  photo and design a t shirt you like.

"Sew What's New" is a wonderful source for creativity and inspiration. I recently came across this how to video you may enjoy, I know I will try one of these t-shirts.

Have a look.

Leave t shirt designs and go to Create Custom Apparel Online.

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Have you sewn a t shirt? Share your t shirt design.

Share it! Leave a photo and tell us a little about how you made your t shirt design?