Tank Top Patterns
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Tank top patterns? The tank top and or the camisole is a staple in your wardrobe.

Learning to sew with tank top patterns can save you money. They are not difficult to sew and you can make as many as you like for a lot less than purchasing from the store.

Some of the simplest garments can go along way in your wardrobe. Tank tops can be expensive if your buying brand name. 

Tank tops of course are available in a rainbow of colors and sewing fabrics are no exception, but the most important colors to have on hand are neutrals; white, black and tan. Below are a few online stores that you may want to take a look at. Or look in your local fabric stores.

Tank tops mix well with just about anything in your closet.

White tanks are usually worn for daytime casual or in the warmer days under a dressy top. Black tanks are classic and can be worn alone in the evening as well. 

More colors can be added to compliment your wardrobe, as you are building it. 

Of course follow the pattern directions for what type of fabric and all your sewing directions. However, I have listed fabric types that are best for sewing tank tops and camisoles.

Online Fabric Stores

There are a number of online fabric stores. You can search for good quality fabrics and not be disappointed.

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Suitable Stretch Fabrics 
For Tank Top Patterns

Your sewing pattern will tell you on the cover, what is suitable for tank top/ camisole projects.Typically you would look for 2 way or 4 way stretch. There are knit blends, such as silk, satin, and cotton knits and spandex fabrics that would work quite well.

Make not too, stretch fabrics often come in wide widths. for instance, 60" widths allow you to purchase less fabric because it is so wide.  Don't hesitate to ask for help in the fabric store, if you are just beginning to sew.


Neutrals are best for wearing under a garment to either keep you warm in the winter or give undergarment coverage to a sheer fabric blouse or for modesty to a low cut top. I like cream and tan for underneath a white blouse or top if you don't want to see the undergarment.


Colored tank tops come in handy of course when you want a variety or punch of color. Fabrics come in a variety of fashion colors. Here are some examples. These are only examples. The color availablilty is vast.

Videos For Sewing Stretch Knit Fabric

Here are two videos that show two ways to sew stretch fabric. The top video offers a technique using a regular sewing machine and the bottom video is sewing with a serger.

For more information about "Wardrobe Essentials"leave tank top patterns to go to wardrobe essentials. I hope you have found this page useful. Happy Sewing.