Sewing Summer Fashion

 Summer fashion is my favorite of the all the fashion seasons. With barbeque's, weddings, graduations, all great reasons to sew some light and pretty outfits.

Sewing Summer Fashion

There are so many wonderful fun in the sun patterns to choose from.

Think about your sunny day wardrobe in a new light. Sewing your own fashions will allow you to have as many styles as you can think about.

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Sewing Summer Fashion

  • You don't need to spend a lot of money to up date your summer wardrobe. I would like to show you how to make summer tops, skirts and dresses, to beat the heat and look great at the same time.
  • For style inspiration, search the web or your favorite magazines for style, color and what is new for the season.
  • With imagination you can replicate the fashions you see in the magazines and on the web.
  • There are also hundreds of sewing patterns, so finding a pattern to match your inspirations, won't be hard.Here is a list of pattern companies.

Summer Dresses

Summer Dresses

The collage above shows summer outfit ideas to help inspire you. 

Sewing Patterns

Let's start with this Cynthia Rowley dresses from Simplicity Patterns. This is a wonderful summer dress. This sewing pattern includes a jacket, to give you options for cooler days. Click the photo to have a look.

Summer Fashion ideas

Here is another Cynthia Rowley dress pattern. (apparently I like her patterns) This is a good example of the above dress. Click the photo to go to

More Summer Dress Patterns

Style arc is a relatively new pattern company. They design current fashion for all styles and ages.

 Sewing Summer Shorts

Here is a comparative shorts pattern from Kwik Sew patterns. Your summer fashion wardrobe is easy to achieve. Look for inspiration fashion and easily find sewing patterns to match.

More Shorts Sewing Patterns

Summer Skirts and Tops

summer fashion
  • The photo to the left is a skirt pattern from Simplicity Patterns. It is a basic straight skirt like the one in the inspiration photo above. 
  • The photo on the right is a blouse pattern from McCalls patterns. You can see how  similar the pattern is to the inspiration image above. This is another example of how easy it is to sew your own wardrobe.

Sewing Summer Fashion Colors


When you choose your fabrics, don't shy away from bright colors.You can see how much fun tastefully chosen bright colors can be.

Summer Fabrics

When you choose your fabrics, think about the heat for summer clothing. Cottons, silks, and linen are good choices for beating the heat. Although today's man made fibers are good quality, compared with a couple of decades ago, they still don't breath as well. Even choose cotton/polyester for example, this is better than polyester alone.

Another note when choosing fabrics, read the pattern envelope for tips on what fabric is best for the garment you are sewing. ( For more on choosing the appropriate fabrics click here. )

More Outfit Ideas

If you are a budding fashionista or maybe you are confident with your style, inspirational outfit ideas are always fun and appreciated. Here are some looks that may inspirational to you.

Summer fashion outfits

This summer fashion outfits could be worn to dinner or theater. It is a nice alternative to wearing a dress. What makes this outfit a good choice for summer is the bright colors. The pink top and the sea foam green shoes are opposites on the color wheel, so they compliment each other. If ever in doubt about matching  color,  look on the color wheel, if the colors are opposites, they are a good match. Opposites can attract I guess.

This summer outfit is light and airy. It is a good choice for weekend wear. Going for lunch, comfy yet still stylish. You could wear high heels and go for lunch with your favorite people or wear flats and go shopping or    running errands. Notice again that the blue purse and the coral top are complimentary because the are opposite on the color wheel.

Have a little rocker chic in you? There are options for that too. The sewing patterns available are below. Consider sewing a pair of your own jeans or jean jacket. Then you can accessorize using the examples below.

Summer Rocker Glam

Stay tuned for more styles to come. For more help with choosing patterns click here.

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