Soccer Ball Quilt Pattern-Question

(Bethany, Louisiana)

Questions about a pattern I copied from your site

You had a soccer quilt you made from a soft material for a 1 year old. I was going to modify it and make it as a queen-sized (or king) from regular material. Unfortunately, I can't tell from the pattern what to put where.

Also, I am going to use multiple colors and not just black for the spots with a yellow background. Any help you can give me would be a help.

I will be more than happy to send pictures when finished.

Sharon Bogues

Hi Sharon,

First off, I'm sorry my tutorial wasn't clear for you. I hope I can make this easy.:)

I have some of the photos from my website to view.

You can make your quilt as large as you would like. You just need to keep adding hexagons until it is as large as you like.

You do this by starting with one hexagon in the center, keep adding to that center piece.
As in the first photo, add one hexagon on either side of the center piece, keep adding until the center has been joined on all sides with another hexagon, as in the "pattern C" image.

Once the center is done you then start to add more hexagons to the perimeter. Please have another look at the photos on the original page, I modified the page to show larger photos, hoping this helps. Like a puzzle you keep adding until you reach the desired size of quilt you wanted.

When I made this quilt I didn't have a pattern. I was "winging it" so to speak. I think once you get started, you will find it will make sense, (I hope)

I hope this helps Sharon, please don't hesitate to contact me if I can help you further.

Happy Sewing


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