Skirt Patterns and Tutorials
Inspiration For Sewing Fashion Essentials

Sewing skirts of all types and styles

 Skirt patterns offer versatility to your wardrobe, that you don't see in the retail stores. Sewing your own wardrobe essentials provides endless options to your wardrobe.

Definition of a skirt: Courtesy of Wikipedia. Skirts have evolved many times through history. The length of a skirt for a women was not varied for thousands of years. To show your ankles was scandalous. 

It has only been since the 20th Century that hem lines have fluctuated.  Skirt were not always just for women, men have worn skirts through history too.

They are here to stay so open up your fashion options and start sewing your own skirts.

Maxi Skirt Patterns

How to sew skirts

The maxi skirt has always been around, in recent years though, the maxi has become a trend. The summer or warm weather days are perfect for a long flowing skirt. You can dress them up or go casual. Either way, it has become a wardrobe staple.

 Skirt Sewing Patterns

A-Line Skirt Patterns

The a line skirt is a classic. It is always appropriate for office attire. You can pleat it, drape it, or just go with the classic a line.

 A-line Skirt Sewing Patterns

Mini Skirt

sewing mini skirts

Sewing  Patterns

The mini skirt is a sexy, playful skirt length. If you have a great pair of legs and you want to show them off, the mini is perfect.

  • A few words of caution that you may or may not want to follow:  Keep the length between the knee and mid thigh. It can become awkward to move discretely if you go too short.

This skirt length is not really appropriate for the office, but it is great for an evening out, as a summer alternative to shorts or in the winter with a pair of heavy gauge tights. Dressed up or down the mini is a fun skirt to have in your wardrobe.

Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is one of my personal favorites. It is a sexy style that is classic If you have a curvy body shape this is great for you. If you don't have curves the pencil skirt tends to give a curvy shape. So this is a good look for most of us.

Whether you choose a short or long (below the knee) length, the effect is the same. Pencil skirts don't have to be plain. You can drape them or give them details to add design interest.

Sewing Patterns

Free Skirt Tutorials

If you choose to use a commercial sewing pattern, you will of course follow the pattern instructions provided.

  • Click the sewing pattern link above, for an understanding of how to use sewing patterns.
  • If you are looking for free skirt patterns, I have gathered some tutorials that I think are useful from around the web. Have a look I hope they are useful to you.

Easy Skirt Tutorials

Tube Skirt in 20 Minutes

Simple Circle Skirt

Simple Tulle Skirt