Shirt Patterns and Tutorials
Inspiration For Sewing Fashion Essentials

 Shirt patterns that are currently available, offer versatility to your wardrobe. In some cases you find styles that you don't see in the retails stores. Sewing your own wardrobe essentials provides endless options to your closet.

Sew Your Own Wardrobe Essentials

Sew Your Own Wardrobe Essentials by monicahall featuring red tops

Definition of a shirt: Courtesy of Wikipedia. Shirts, originally worn only by men, has become a wardrobe staple for men and women. Read more about the history of the shirt by clicking the link above.

 White Shirts and Blouses

Shirt patterns offer you a multitude of fashion options for creating a unique classic white shirt.

There are so many ways to wear a white shirt. It's a staple garment to have in your wardrobe.

A white shirt doesn't go out of style. When you choose a classic fit, you will be able to where a white shirt for just about any occasion.

Here are just some of the most current patterns available. Choose a pattern that has multiple styles included so you can sew different shirts that offer a slightly different look.

Although the white dress shirt is classic, don't be afraid to branch out and add some color or pin stripe detail.

White Shirts & White Blouses

White Shirts & White Blouses by monicahall featuring long sleeve shirts

 Sewing Patterns For Tailored Shirts

Shirt patterns are available in so many different styles. You will be sure to find a style that appeals to you. Consider your level of sewing skill when choosing your pattern and when you look for a pattern, choose one that has a few different style options in one envelope.


I recommend high quality fabrics when you sew your shirts or blouses.  You will see a difference in the long term of wear and tear of your garment as well as when you are constructing the shirt it self. Quality is always best. 

Chiffon Blouse

I love chiffon fabric. It isn't the easiest fabric to work with, but with patience the results are well worth it. Chiffon fabric makes beautiful blouses to soften a power suit for the office as well as a nice evening out.

Chiffon Bouse

Chiffon Bouse by monicahall featuring elizabeth and james

Sewing Patterns
For Chiffon Blouse

Suitable sewing patterns for chiffon blouses tend to be ruffled or gathered and flowing.

Chiffon is a light weight fabric that likes to move. It is less suitable for structured fitted shirts. Here are some samples of good sewing patterns to choose from.

Different Types of Chiffon Fabric

 Silk Chiffon

Silk Chiffon is lighter and less rigid than the polyester option. Silk has a more luxurious hand (feel) and of course the price tag is going to match. If you want to splurge on the silk version you will not be disappointed.

Samples of Silk


Polyester Chiffon fabric will cost you less and is a good choice for your sewing projects. I often say natural fiber fabrics are best, however, man made fabrics are affordable and they have come a long way in matching the feel of natural silk chiffon. 

It's best to choose a lesser price point fabric when you are learning to sew. Polyester chiffon comes in a wider bolt which also means you will need less when you purchase for your sewing project

Samples of Polyester

Satin Blouse

Satin is a luxurious fabric. Like chiffon, there is a man made satin available, as well as,  silk satin.

The cost of silk fabric is always more expensive. Nature knows how to make fibers the best. However, I have purchased many very nice pieces of satin fabric and the result turned out beautifully.

Satin Blouse

Satin Blouse by monicahall featuring niu

Sewing Patterns
For Satin Blouse

Satin can be used in your sewing project as an accent or for the entire garment. Satin comes in different weights so the stiffer the satin the more structured the design.

Satin Fabric

Satin can be used for a shirt or blouse pattern. In most cases satin fabric, much like chiffon fabric, has a soft flowing hand (feel).

Satin does come in different weights though, meaning some satin is heavier and more stiff, which is best for structured garments. An example of this would be duchess satin.

Satin shirts and blouses that have design movement, however, satin can be used in a more structured style garment too.

Satin can be used to accent your garment, such as, the collar and cuff, to dress up a simple shirt pattern. Use your imagination, you won't be disappointed.

Bow Blouse
Sewing  Patterns

Blouses and shirt with bows at the neck are not a new garment design of course, this is a classic style. Right now however, it happens to be on trend and note worthy. 

I have given some examples of shirt patterns with bows, because they are in trend right now. I also think that this style is classic. So having a blouse or shirt with a bow is wardrobe staple in my opinion.

Ruffled Blouse
Sewing Patterns

Ruffled blouses and shirts aren't for everyone. Usually ruffles on any garment is for the romantics at heart. Ruffled blouses and shirt patterns are always available, so if this is your style here some examples of sewing patterns available.

If you choose to use a commercial sewing pattern, you will of course follow the pattern instructions provided.

  • Click the link above, for an understanding of how to use sewing patterns.