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Sewing tips are invaluable in making your sewing experience a pleasant one. Creative ideas and help, are quick simple bits of information to enhance your experience. 

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Use the Correct Thread

  • Use the thread that is spun specifically for the machine you are using. For instance, if you are using a serger, don't use serger cones and regular sewing machine thread mixed. You will create tension problems, and waste precious sewing time trying to figure out what is wrong.
Serger Thread
Sewing Machine Thread

Sew Pants that Fit

  • Here is a tip for sewing pants that fit. Use muslin and tweak your pattern as you sew. Make notes on the pattern pieces if you have made any changes. This will help to remind you when you sew a pair of pants for real. This takes more time, but in the end will be well worth it.

Fabric Preparation

Don't forget to preshrink your fabric before laying out your pattern and cutting. Go to sewing fabric guide for "how to's" for pre shrinking different types of fabric. In addition, if you are using piping, lining, or anything else that will need pre shrinking as well.

Choose the Correct Lining 

  • If you need lining for your garment or project, keep in mind that some linings are dry clean only. Purchase lining that is cleaning compatible to the fabric you are  using.
  • This is an excellent article for fabric lining

The Right Fabric for the Job

  • Be sure to purchase fabric that is compatible with the style of garment or sewing project you are working on. Some styles require stiff fabric and some styles require flowing fabric. Read the pattern back, as it will advise you on the type of fabric required.

Keep Your Sewing Patterns Organized

  •  In order to keep my patterns organized, I keep a binder with page separators. On each tab of the page separator, I write what that section of pattern is about much like a commercial pattern catalogue does. ·      When I purchase a pattern I photo copy that pattern, and place the photocopied page in the appropriate section of the binder. This keeps me organized, and I refer to the binder when I what to see what patterns I have. 

Sewing Patterns-Take a close look

  • Don't always assume that the instructions in the pattern envelope will be clear. Looking closely at the details of your garment or project can save time and frustration in the long run. If the pattern envelope has a photo, see how the garment fits, or how the project hangs. This will be a very big help when you are ready to put your project together.

Sewing Tips From Around the Web

  • I came across a wonderful tip from Threads Magazine. When you don't have a friend handy and you want to create an even hem for a skirt, dress or coat, try this tip. Click Here .

Marking Pens

  • Be careful not to iron your marking pen, or chalk marks. You run the risk of setting the mark so it will not come out of the fabric.

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Do You Have A Sewing Tip? Want To Share Your Tip? Or Do You Have A Sewing Question?

Share Your Tip or Question With Your Fellow Sewers!

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