Sewing Sleeves

 Sewing sleeves can be intimidating but it  doesn't have to be complicated. There are two ways to sew a sleeve in a garment.

There is the method in which you sew the sleeve in flat and the set in sleeve method you will see below.

Sewing Sleeves
Different Styles of Sleeves

This is a very good chart I found at Fashion Sizzle. It's a really informative page I recommend going to it.

1.  Puff Sleeve

2.  Leg Of Mutton

3.  Petal Sleeve

4.  Peasant Sleeve

5.  Juliet Sleeve

6.  Kimono Sleeve

7. Bishop Sleeve

8. Bell Sleeve

9. Raglan Sleeve

10. Dolman Sleeve

11. Lantern  Sleeve

The set in sleeve tends to be more challenging, but with practice and patience you will soon be a pro.

Set In Sleeve Tutorial

  • With right sides of the fabric together, pin the sides together and stitch.
  • To hem the sleeve, turn under 1/4" and then turn under 1/4 inch again.
  • Stitch close to the inside edge of the 1/4" hem.
  • For the elastic, measure a length of elastic that is comfortable around the upper arm.
  • Stitch the two ends together to make a circle, be careful to not twist the elastic.
  • Now with a pencil or marker, place a small mark at 4 equal sections of the elastic.
  • This will help you distribute the elastic evenly around the inner sleeve.
  • Place the elastic on the inside of the sleeve, 1" away from the edge. Pin in place.
  • With a zig zag stitch, stitch all the way around the elastic.
  • The sleeve  will look like this when you are finished.
  • Turn the sleeve so the right side of the fabric is showing, and with your garment wrong side out, place the sleeve to the inside of the garment. (Right sides of fabric will be together.)
  • Matching with side seams and any notches or markings from the pattern, pin the sleeve to the armhole of the garment. Stitch together.
  • Here is the finished sleeve.

More Great Info For Sewing Sleeves

One of the many things I love about creating this website is I get to share as much information about sewing that I can. Here are some other sewing sleeves info I have thing you may also useful. 

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