Sewing Pants
Tips and Inspiration To Sew Pants

 Sewing pants is, in my opinion, is the most difficult garment to make. There are so many in and out measurements to consider. A basic pair of pants is the best way to start. Try a pair of pajama pants, yoga pants or harem pants.This will give a clear idea of how a pair of pants is shaped and how to construct a pair of pants.

You may want to advance to jeans and more sophisticated design details. This is where the difficulty comes in.

No one has a perfect figure. Adjusting the pattern and working with the garment as you construct it, is the only option.

I have searched on the internet and in all the sewing books, I have for the magic formula for sewing and fitting pants, only to discover, there isn't one.

Trial and error is a great way to learn.

  • Instead of sewing with your purchased fabric right away, use muslin and tweak your pattern as you sew. Make notes on the pattern pieces if you have made any changes. This will help to remind you when you sew a pair of pants for real. This takes more time, but in the end will be well worth it.
  • You may consider taking a pattern drafting class from your local community college or purchase a DVD on the topic. Both would be worth while. In the mean time, here are some helpful tips and techniques from around the web.
  • Threads magazine has an incredible library of information and tutorials to gain insight and conquer those problems you may run into. 
  • Click the links below for some useful information about sewing pants.

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Pants Patterns

If you are unfamiliar with sewing patterns, here are some examples of pants patterns currently available.

Pattern Companies

Easy Pants Patterns

The ideal easy pants pattern, is one that does not have zippers, buttons, pockets, or any advanced sewing details.

Sounds a little bit basic, but when you are learning to sew, I would focus on the construction and fit. Getting the idea of how a pair of pants are sewn together and the fit, is half the battle. Here are some easy patterns to try.

Books For Sewing Pants

Once again, books for reference is always a great thing have in your sewing room. I refer to my library of sewing books often. I may forget a technique that hasn't been practiced in a while or just need tips, either way it is a great way to boost your learning power.

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