Best Sewing Magazines & Books
To Help You Learn How To Sew

Sewing magazines and books are invaluable in your sewing area. The right information at the right time at your finger tips, saves time and frustration.

My Choices For Sewing Magazines

I have found sewing magazine subscriptions have been most useful. The articles keep you up to date on the latest creative trends and techniques. 

As well as, giving creative ideas for fabric trends and the latest sewing materials. I do keep these magazines, they are worth keeping in file folders.

If you have the space to store them, the information does not become obsolete. So I recommend holding onto each issue. 

I recommend finding the one main sewing book or magazine subscription, which best suits your needs.You can build your library over time. However, that one go to source in a must.

Threads Magazine

Threads Magazine is packed full of sewing tutorials, inspiration and more. The magazine is published by Taunton Press who also cover many other  topics such as cooking, gardening, and woodworking. I highly recommend subscribing to this sewing magazine. You can keep your past publications and the information will always be valued. 

Burda Magazine

Burda Magazine is wonderful for keeping current with the fashion trends, with a European flare. Below are the two magazine publications available. 

Sew News 

Sew News has been around since 1980. It's a good magazine for offering how to for fashion and creative fashion accessories. You can also find valuable sewing techniques for sewing bags and totes. Sew News is also a reference magazine to keep for valued information.

My Book Recommendations

These are my book recommendations. I have these books in my sewing room. I find them very helpful and think you will too.

The Sewing Book

I refer to this book often.It offers clear "how to" information.

The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing (Singer)

This book is great if you are a visual learner. The color photos are  clear and there are a lot of them. I have this book as well as the book above, however, just one of these  sewing reference would be a great choice.

The Sewing Machine Accessory Bible: Get the Most Out of Your Machine---From Using Basic Feet to Mastering Specialty Feet

I like this book for creative and practical information about how to use the sewing feet that you have with your machine, as well as after market sewing feet you could use to embellish and improve your sewing projects.

The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting

This is a wonderful reference to fitting sewing  patterns.

This book takes the guess work and trial and error out of fitting your patterns for specific body challenges.

Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers

This is a comprehensive reference book. It may be a "future purchase" for the beginner sewer. However it is pact full of great information.

The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook

This book has a number of tips and information. What I really bought it for was the patterns. You get 15 Burda Patterns included. Nice!

Patternmaking for Fashion Design (5th Edition)

I recently purchased this book, it is a slow walk if you will. I have to really sit down and read it, as it can be quite technical. However, so far it is a good education in pattern drafting. Maybe not for the beginner though.