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There are so many different types of sewing machines for sale, if you are learning to sew, it can be overwhelming. I hope to give as much information to  help you sort out and make sense of how to buy your first sewing machine. 

Find the sewing machine that suits your specific needs. To start, I would like to say brand new sewing machines in the $100.00 to $300.00 dollar range are risky in my opinion, if this price category is what you can afford, then research reviews online or go to your local sewing machine dealer. Talk to a sewing machine repair person and ask questions, they are usually happy to help. Below are examples of sewing machines for sale at You will see the reviews on these machines are very good. 

(Please note: These examples are intended to help you see what is available in the price range, however, the links are affiliate links and I do recieve a small commission from only if there is a purchase. You can go to any link and find valued information.)

At the bottom of the page I have featured sewing machines in the $300.00 and above price range. If your budget doesn't allow for this amount, I stress looking for used sewing machines at your local sewing retail stores. You will find better quality used machines in this price range. Also read the reviews, the machines I have listed are only a guide line, so be discerning in your search.

Sewing machines for sale in this price category do not tend to have the same quality as the $500.00 and above price category. You do get what you pay for. If you scroll down the page I have a list of buying criteria you may find helpful.

Sewing Machines For Sale:
How to buy a sewing machine

Whether you’re starting your first sewing project or you have already completed some projects, your machine is your most important tool. Here are some tips to get you started. Searching the internet is a great place to look for the types of sewing machines available. You can search for reviews as well as searching the any sewing machine manufacturer’s website. 

It may seem overwhelming at first, but if you refer to these questions, you will have a guide line for searching and narrow your choices quickly.

Buying a sewing machine?
Ask yourself these 5 questions.

Whether you’re buying a brand new sewing machine, or thinking of purchasing a used machine, consider these 5 questions to help you make your choice. 

1. How much can I afford to spend on a sewing machine?

No matter if you can spend a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars, I recommend you buy the best machine you can afford. For instance, if you are willing to spend a few hundred dollars, you may consider buying a good used machine rather than a lesser quality brand new machine.   

A quality machine will give you years of sewing enjoyment. There are many sewing machine dealers that can offer you a good quality used machine.

Like any product sewing machine manufacturers have low end products that are often not worth purchasing if they break down and cause you problems. Sewing is an amazing and rewarding craft, a machine that is running well makes your sewing experience much more enjoyable. 

2. What will I use the machine for?

Depending on what your sewing intentions are, buy your machine according to your needs. For example, will you be sewing simple mending or hemming of pants or a broken seam. If these are your usage intentions then a good quality basic machine is all you need. No sense paying for extra features if you won't use them.

However, if you think you have the sewing bug, and will use a machine to it's fullest potential, then your options are wide open. Many sewing machines have built in stitches for finishing a seam edge, consider if you will also be purchasing a serger. Your machine will need less stitch options if you do purchase a serger.

3. How often will I use my machine?

If you use your machine for basic seam repair, or for creating full garments and home decor, how often you sew should be considered. A machine that takes a lot of ware and tear, should be sturdy and well built. So spending a few extra dollars should be considered.

4. Where will I store my machine?

If you are fortunate enough to have a designated room just for sewing, then consider a sewing cabinet that will also hold your supplies. If your space is small or you will be sewing in the dining room or where ever space is available, then portable machines would offer flexibility.

5. Will I buy a brand new machine or consider a quality used machine?

No matter which choice you make, investigate all your options. Go to your local dealers and ask questions. Ask for demonstrations and try out the machines yourself. I can not stress enough, to buy quality within your budget. You can purchase a great quality floor model, used machine or brand new, but buy the best you can afford and you will get years of sewing enjoyment with limited headache, no matter what your skill level or intentions of use.

Popular Brand
Sewing Machines For Sale

Singer Sewing Machines

Contact a singer sewing machine dealer in your area, ask questions, tell them what your sewing needs are. They are happy to guide you in the right directions. Below are some examples of Singer sewing machines with good to excellant reviews. 

Brother Sewing Machines

According to a Wikipedia article, Brother sewing machines were established in 1968. Click the link for the full article. Brother brand sewing machines are worth considering for  a purchase. However, as with any mechanical product, doing a full consumer search is recommended, as you will find high and low end versions of their product. 

Janome Sewing Machines

I have to admit, I am a Janome product fan. I have two Janome embroidery machines that I purchased in 1990 and my second in 2006. The first machine was a Memory Craft 5000 and the second is Memory Craft 10001. I love them both. They are still in use and I have never had a problem with them.

As with any company, products come and go and these machines are no longer being manufactured. Although I am sure you would be able to contact a Jamone retailer and find either one easily enough. 

Below are some examples of Janome Sewing Machines with great reviews. Have a look at these sewing machines for sale on This will help you get started in your journey to purchase your first machine, or maybe for an upgrade to your current machine. 

Leave a review of your current sewing machine. This would be so helpful to the sewing community. You can click the link here: Sewing Machine Reviews

I hope you find this information useful. Thank you for visiting sewing machines for sale.

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