Sewing Machine Cabinets 

Sewing machine cabinets and sewing storage offer you organization for a better sewing experience. Keeping your sewing station organized and clutter free leaves more time to create. 

Sewing Room Ideas

Having the right organizing tools, such as sewing machine cabinets or storage bins and drawers are great but not knowing how to put it all together can be frustrating.

Sewing Room Organizer

If you are fortunate enough to have a designated space just for crafts and sewing, you may be interested to know how to organize the space you have.

Here are a wonderful book to help you get started. As well as websites that give inspiration to make your space attractive to you and practical to work in.

We always make do with what we have, however, having the right tools to work with can be creative is a plus. A cutting table is a wonderful option to have in your space. Having a table large enough to cut and hold your machine can be the answer to a couple of needs at one time. 

Examples of Sewing Machine Cabinets

Below are examples of cabinets ranging in price, and space you have available. I can't stress how important it is to be organized when you sew. Being organized really does make the sewing experience much more pleasant. Consider buying the best quality you can afford.  


Typically you will get what you pay for, so look at reviews on the web, or look in your local paper for sewing tables and cabinets that may even be free, or very low cost. You may need to spruce it up with some paint or not at all, but a bargain is a great thing. 

Space Availability

Whether you choose to purchase a specific sewing table and storage, consider your space and what will work for you. There are sewing machine tables that have built in storage. The cost will vary, but this is convenient. If you have a little more space a full fabric cutting table can also work as a sewing machine table, with the ability to fit storage underneath. It will all depend of course on your needs. 

Extra Sewing Organizers

Extra storage is always needed. Your main sewing cabinet should hold the immediate sewing essentials, IE: sewing scissors, thread, pins etc. Keeping your sewing materials close at hand keeps you focused on your project and not wasting time trying to find something.

Consider organization tools that will keep your extra thread, patterns, fabric, sewing books etc., in order. You will always know where to find what your looking for at the time you need it.

Sewing Chair

A comfortable sewing chair is very important when you sew or craft. I have spent many hours with a sore back and neck, until I finally invested in a good chair for sewing. I actually use an office desk chair now, I find the rolling wheels and comfort is the better way to go, and the cost of an office chair is considerably lower than they used to be.

No matter what, choose a sturdy chair with padding (or add your own seat pad) you'll be glad you did. Below are some examples of chairs you could consider. 

Preferably, choose a chair with wheels. Sliding back and forth from machine to machine, if you have more than one, is much nicer and easier than picking up a chair and moving it to a different location every time. I liken it to having to get up to change the channels on your TV...oh wait, that must mean I am a little older than most of you, most of you won't even know what that means. :)

Sewing Cutting Tables

If you have the space, a sewing cutting table can be a dream come true.

I have used the floor, the dining table and just about any surface that would allow me to cut out my fabric, but a sewing cutting table that is designated for your crafts and sewing is wonderful. 

I hope this gives some insight into your sewing space. Happy Sewing!