Sewing Instructions
For Basic Sewing Techniques

Most of the sewing instructions and sew techniques the average sewer will need, are not complicated. This sewing instructions page gives, as many basic techniques a beginner would need to do the projects you would like to begin with. 

It's practicing the basic sewing techniques and taking the time to perfect them, that will make all the difference in your sewing projects. Take your time if you are a beginner, like everything when you're first learning, it takes time.

Sew on scraps first to gain some confidence in your sewing techniques. If you make a mistake or your seam is not that straight, it's as easy as getting another piece of scrap fabric and trying again, by all means have fun.

Do not forget to look at your commercial sewing patterns,  sewing instructions sheets for guidelines on how to do simple sewing techniques that will relate to the garment or project you are creating, it is a valuable reference guide.

Sewing Instructions: Hem Pants

how to hem pants.

You can save money hemming your own pants, if you are on a budget. Click the photo for a quick tutorial on how to hem pants.

How To Shorten a Zipper

Occasionally you may have the correct color of zipper in your sewing notions inventory, but the length is too long.

Here is what you should do to shorten your zipper, for your project. 

You can see from the photo it is very simple. Secure the length determined for your project by either using a needle and thread or with a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine.

Shorten an Open Ended Zipper 

Determine what length you need the zipper to be and with needle and thread, stitch and secure the upper ends of the zipper seen in the photo to the right. 

zipper repair
zipper repair

How To Make A Bow

Although a pattern may not call for a bow, it is some times nice to add a bow to your project. Professional looking bows are a nice feature to a child's dress or the back of a chair at Christmas time.

Click the photo for step-by-step instructions on how to make a bow.

how to make a bow

Sewing Ruffles and Sewing Gathers

Ruffles and gathers are different from each other. In essence they do the same thing. However, they are used for slightly different reasons.

Ruffles are attached to a garment to add interest and charm.

Gathers are used in garment construction to draw up one larger piece of fabric to fit with a smaller piece of fabric.

For example, the skirt portion of a dress is gathered at the waist, and then attached to the bodice as in the photo below.

This gives full look to the skirt part a dress.

For Full Instructions Go To Sewing Ruffles and Sewing Gathers

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