Sewing Ultra Seude

by Jo-Ann Anderson
(Mount Vernon, Ny)

Ultra Suede (Heavier for Home decor, bags, belts)

Ultra Suede (Heavier for Home decor, bags, belts)

Ultra Suede (Heavier for Home decor, bags, belts)
Faux Suede -Facile (Lighter Weight for Garments)


What type of thread and what type of needle should you use for sewing ultra suede?


Hi Jo-Ann

Thank you for connecting and thank you for your question about sewing with ultra suede.

First off there are two types of synthetic suede. As I am not sure what you have or plan to use in your sewing project, I will try to give as much info as I can.

Ultra suede tends to be the heavier weight of the faux suedes. This works well for home decor projects or fashion accessories, such as bags or belts. However, if you are to wash and machine dry the ultra suede multiple times, (at least 4-5 times) you can relax the fabric and use it for garments, such as jackets, or a skirt with straight lines.

Faux suede aka facile is softer and has a drape, so it works well for garments.


For the lighter weight faux suede use a 75/11 HS (stretch needle) or for heavyweight ultra suede use an 80/12 HJ (Jeans and Denim needle).

A good quality polyester thread such as Gutermann brand.

Use a walking foot or Teflon foot. (Saves a lot of frustration)

This fabric has a "nap" so cut accordingly.
Use paper clips instead of pins.
Use a rotary cutter or sharp shears.

2.5mm or 3.5mm for topstitching.

I hope this helps you, Jo-Ann. Please contact me if you need any other info, I am happy to help.

Happy Sewing!


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