Sewing damask fabric

by Rose
(Vancouver Canada)

Damask Table Cloth

Damask Table Cloth

What is damask fabric, and can I use it to sew garments and what is it best suited for?

Damask fabric is made from Silk, Cotton, Wool, Linen, and Synthetic fibers. Damask is a rich reversible, rich patterned fabric, created by weaving.

Created in the early middle ages, the name is derived from the city of Damascus, where the fabric originates. It comes in elaborate scroll patterns or patterns with fruits and vines.

You can use Damask in home decor such as pillows, table linens, bedding, trim for hand towels, DIY home decor crafts etc. As well you can sew clothing with Damask. It is typically used for special occasion dresses, dressy pants, bridal wear, or give an interesting lining to a coat.

Damask fabric ranges in price. Silk damask will clearly be more expensive than a synthetic counterpart.

Where To Shop:
Find Damask Fabrics at your local fabric stores or online fabric shops. Coupon Corner

Above is an example of online fabric shops where you can find Damask fabric for home decor or fashion.

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