Red Carpet Dresses

Are you looking for red carpet dresses for the next glamorous event in your life? Red carpet events may seem like they are only for the rich and famous, but every now and then you need that special glamorous look.

Red Carpet Dresses

DiY Red Carpet Dresses
Sew your own Glamorous Dress

In our ordinary lives we don’t often have a need for such glamorous dresses, but for those few and far between events, it would be nice to look as chic as the famous movie stars do. If you are like me you peruse the fashion magazines or the internet to see what famous people would wear to a red carpet event.

So where do you start? How do you go about getting the most fabulous Oscar dress, that will impress everyone, and not cost you an arm and a leg?

Start by looking in magazines and on the internet for a red carpet dress, that impresses you. 

Do you like the color? Do you like full length or 3/4 length. Maybe cocktail dresses are more your style. 

When you see something you like bookmark the page or better yet, save a file on your desk top and when you see an image you like, save the image in the file on your desktop. 

Maybe label your file, my red carpet dress or evening dresses, or fancy dresses that I like. I have several of these files for different purposes. Each file comes in handy to refer back to when I need the information. 

When you are looking for a red carpet dress, make note of the body shape of the person that is wearing the dress. If you are plus size, search for plus size women wearing evening dresses. 

Here are examples of Queen Latifa in a formal evening gown. She is stunning in these dresses

Full Figure Styles

Queen Latifah is stunning in these dresses. Queen Latifah has a full curvy figure. Choosing the correct shape of dress for your figure is key to accomplishing that red carpet look.

The Equivalent Sewing Pattern

There are plenty of Plus Size Sewing Patterns that would give you the equivalent look. The pattern choices below are not exact of course, but with your imagination, you can embellish your dress with trim to give a custom glamour look.

Large Bust

If you are large busted, look for dresses with good coverage in the bust area and good strap support. Be mindful that a dress that is appealing to you in a photo may not be realistic for you to wear.

Here are some good examples of a red carpet dresses that could work if you are large busted. Both of these dresses have good support in the shoulders and good coverage in the bust area. She is sexy but not spilling out of the dress.

Equivalent Sewing Patterns For a Large Bust

Dresses To Cover the Tummy

If you have a bit of a tummy and you want to hide it, look for a dress that has some ruching, ruffles, gathers or draping in the front of your dress.

Or choose a dress with a high waistband that sits just below the bust, to camouflage the tummy. Here are some examples of red carpet dresses, if you are trying to hide a tummy. Both of these dresses are elegant, they also have camouflage for the tummy area. 

Equivalent Sewing Patterns

  • Note: When you are looking for a dress that you would like to wear, keep in mind, what your sewing skills are. If you are intermediate to advanced you will be okay with a challenge.
  • However, if you are not as familiar with sewing your own fashion, then simple designs are better.
  •  For more on how to understand sewing patterns, click here
  • Have you found a dress that you like?
  • Is it the right color for you?
  • Is it the right style to suit your figure?
  • Is it within your sewing capabilities?
  • Have you saved the photo as an inspiration reference?

My Red Carpet Dress

I have always wanted a rich red dress. Although Kate Winslet looks gorgeous in this black dress, I will make my dress red. The Vogue pattern I found is slightly different from the inspiration photo, but it is close enough to make me happy.

Okay, now you want to find a sewing pattern that is most like the dress that you want to create. I always start with a search to the entire commercial pattern company’s websites. They are the most up to date and easy way to see what patterns are available to you.

Below is a list of sewing pattern companies. I would first search their websites, for sewing patterns that are as close to my inspiration photo of red carpet dresses. Search under, evening, bridal, or special occasion. You can purchase a pattern from any of these online pattern sites, or you can find patterns from a local fabric store.

McCalls, Butterick, Vogue Sewing Patterns

Simplicity, New Look, Burda Sewing Patterns

Click the link for more information about sewing patterns.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

Vogue Pattern 

You have found your dress and you have found your pattern. Now is the time to find your fabric.

Leave Red Carpet Dresses and see what other Sew Stitch Learn pages could be helpful.

Where do you find fabric?

Depending on where you live, you can find fabric in a number of places. If you have access to fabric store chains, then I suggest you look there. If you live in a bigger city, you can search for boutique fabric stores in your area, but if you live in a remote part of the country and you don't have great access to shops. Then look online. There are endless fabric stores that offer good quality fabric and notions.

Note: I recommend buying the best quality fabric you can afford. This is going to be a dress you can wear with pride and feeling glamorous in, so look for high quality fabric in your price range even if it means you would have to go to a 3/4 length dress to buy a little less fabric. If you are making a cocktail dress, you should be fine to buy a silk or high quality fabric of your choosing. To get you started, here is a list of some online fabric stores.

Fabrics Online

When you are considering what fabric you would like use, read the pattern cover at the back. It gives appropriate suggestions for the fabric you should use. As well, check to see what notions, (zippers, buttons, thread etc.) you will need for your dress.

Here Is My Fabric. The fabric I am going to use is a red crepe satin. This fabric will hang very nice. The bottom of my dress needs a fabric that will flow. So a stiff fabric would not do the trick.

If your dress requires embellishments take a look at what M&J Trim has to offer for ideas.

I have everything I need to make this dress. I hope this inpires you to make a Red Carpet Dress for yourself. Stay tuned and come back often for the updates on how my dress is coming.