Plus Size Sewing Patterns
You Can Create Style Conscious Fashion

With plus size sewing patterns, sewing your own wardrobe has become more affordable. Make style conscious fashion, with quality fabrics, the way you would like your garments to fit. If you can't find what you are looking for, or you can't find what you can afford, in a retail store, then make it your self. 

We all have figure challenges. With style conscious  sewing patterns available, in styles that appeal to the fashion forward, person, you can get around your figure challenges. Unfortunately, the tent looking styles that are provided in ready to wear clothing are too often what you see  available in the retail stores. Most marketing campaigns in the fashion world, do not reflect the actual demand for average female consumers (size 14 and above.)

The sewing pattern companies are an exception to this rule. Sewing pattern companies have finally noticed there is a demand for full figured clothing and for full figured women to make their own garments. The clothing manufacturers often are not offering quality fabrics, with a variety of up to date styles for plus size figures.

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 1945

What is even better, the patterns are designed with a curvy figure in mind, not just a pattern for a small figure cut larger. However, I don't want to deter you from looking at the misses sizes available in all the style options. Depending on your size, you may find a number of style options that you are inspired to make. Even if they don't come from the plus size pattern section.

Most pattern companies do make misses sizes up to 22 or 24, so it is a good idea to check out all the styles. For example this evening dress is not a plus size pattern, but it is available in sizes up to 22. Each pattern company offers their own unique variety of plus size sewing patterns option. 

Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs Teaches Fashion Design

Plus Size Sewing Patterns

The sewing patterns below are just a few examples of what is available from the sewing pattern companies.

Plus Size Clothing Patterns: Tops

I like to have a variety of tops in my wardrobe. With a few pairs of slack and skirts you can go a long way with a variety of tops to mix and match.This Khaliah Ali collection is an excellant example for how stylish patterns are. 

Beautiful Plus Size Top Butterick sewing pattern

Inspiration for Current Plus Size Trends

  • I have come across some very good websites for  plus size women’s clothing, as well as books for plus size sewing. I hope this gives you ideas for current fashions. Take a look and see if you get inspired to sew some up to date trendy styles.
Burda Style plus size.

Plus Size Sewing Reference Books

Plus Size Patterns Swim Suits

  • Yes you can make your own plus size swim suits. Each sewing pattern below is created for a full figure.
  • Don't be deterred by some of the options that look like they are only for smaller people.
  • Each sewing pattern is available for sizes 18 and larger.
  • If you have a swim suit or two that you like already, then consider the sewing patterns that have beach cover ups added to the pattern. 

The Pattern Companies

I have listed each pattern company that offers plus size sewing patterns, and what I think are great fashion choices for work, weekend wear and active wear. I hope you find it helpful and inspiring to make some thing for your self.

I would like to mention a website I refer to often, for information and tips, as well as a unique page that lets you see what a garment will look like and details about the pattern.

The photos and information is submitted by sewers of all levels. You simply click the pattern review link and type in the sewing pattern company and pattern number and 95% of the time some one has already made the garment for you to see.

You can become a member and have access to features on the website that the free subscription does not offer, or opt for the free membership, either way, you can submit your own pattern reviews and contribute in many ways or you can just look at what others have done. Either way it is worth checking out

McCalls Patterns

The McCalls dress below, is a wonderful example of fashion forward plus size options. This dress could be made to go from work, to a night out, or a summer afternoon party, depending on the fabric you choose. It offers two design options. The detailing at the waist has a rope design feature or a small gathering in the center if you prefer.
If you are new to sewing and need some help reading a sewing pattern, click here.

Simplicity Patterns

Simplicity patterns offers a number of style conscious full figured patterns.

Burda Plus Size Sewing Patterns

Bruda Plus Size Sewing Pattern 7391

Burda Pattern Company in general, is one of my favorite pattern companies.

Their European styles are a little more edgy than what we average North Americans are used to seeing.

If you were looking for something a little more fashion forward, Burda plus size sewing patterns would be a good choice. Although they don't carry a large selection of plus size sewing patterns, what they do have is up to date and refreshingly stylish.

The misses’ category also comes in sizes up to 20, so do not forget to check if your size is available.

When I want to sew a top, pants, or anything for that matter, I start by looking at ready to wear for inspiration.

Go on to a website that suits your fashion taste, (even if it is not a plus size store) and choose a style that you like. I usually will copy and paste the photo onto a Microsoft word document page and then go searching for a sewing pattern that matches the style I have chosen.

Some times, you will not find an exact match however, most of the time I can find a pattern that is close enough to what I would like.

Also copy and paste the photo of the sewing pattern onto the same document page and see if it were indeed something you would like.

I have given examples below of the choices I have made or would make in this procedure.

Butterick Patterns

The suit on the left I found by browsing the internet. The suit on the right is a Butterick plus size pattern. Unfortunately it isn't available on the Butterick website, but you can find it here 

Plus Size Suit
Butterick 5473

I hope this helps you can see that sewing your own plus size fashion can  be an option for you to expand your wardrobe.

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