Pinking Shears

by Marji
(Central Florida)

Just me at 73 and holding!!!

Just me at 73 and holding!!!

I am wondering if they make any other shears that have a design like the pinking shears? If not, why not? They have many cool designs for paper, but not for fabric.
Does pinking equate to cheesy or lazy when finishing an item?


Marji (a novice seamstress)

Hi Marji,

Wonderful photo of you by the way.

Thank you for asking this question. To answer it, I do not believe there are other finished edges other than the zig zag edge for pinking shears.

I believe the pinking shear has been available since the late 1800's. The purpose, of course, was to keep fabric edges from fraying.

A utilitarian purpose really, and not decorative. Unlike the paper versions, you don't see the edge of the seam allowance, I guess there has not been any inspiration to change what already seemed to work.

I have a number of "high tech" modern sewing machines at my disposal and yet I own a pair of pinking shears, and I use them, so no I don't believe using the pinking shear is "cheesy" or "lazy". They are a tried and true tool in your sewing room.

I agree with you though...why not? I have a rule of thumb when I sew, I like to make the inside of a garment or a project as neat and tidy or decorative, on the inside as I do on the outside. So why not have more than just the zig zag pattern.

If I am wrong and you do stumble across a different pinking shear edge, please let me know, I would be most appreciative.

Thank you for contacting me Marji, I have enjoyed answering your question.

Happy sewing


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