Throw Pillow Patterns

Pillow Patterns: How To Sew A Throw Pillow with a Zipper

 The pillow patterns in this example is from the extra pieces of fabric left over from the soccer ball quilt I made.

pillow patterns
pillow patterns

This is a great way to make use of the scraps of fabric from any home decor project. I have made many pillows for my home using  extra piece left over from previous projects. 

Step By Step - How to make this pillow

To make this pillow, you will of course choose the fabric colors and type of fabric you like.

I will be giving measurements for a 14'' x 14'' Feather/Down Pillow Form White

However, there are many different shapes and sizes available for pillow forms, as well as different filler.

Your pillow pattern size will depend on the size of pillow you make. Make any adjustments if you choose a smaller or larger size pillow.

What You Will Need:

  • Fabric: For A 14X14" Pillow Form.
  • For the front: Cut 1-6 1/2"X 6-1/2" square
    Cut 2-5"X 15" strips
    Cut 2-4"X 6" strips
  • For the back: Cut 4-6 1/2"X 6-1/2" squares
    Cut 2-2"X 12" strips
    Cut 2-2"X 15" strips
  • 12" Zipper in coordinating color.
  • Sharp scissors or rotary cutter and mat.
  • 14"X14" pillow form.
  • Sewing Machine
  • Steam Iron

Optional First Step :

The first step is optional, as I have an embroidery sewing machine, I was able to personalize the pillow front with the name and birth date of the recipient of the pillow.

Pillow patterns embroidery stitching

Step One: The Front

Using the white 6 1/2" square, and the yellow 4x6" strips, sew a yellow strip on either side of the white square.

Add the red 15" strips (one at the top and one at the bottom, length wise to complete the front.

pillow patterns
sewing pillows
sewing pillows

It will look like this. Set this a side and start the back panel of the pillow.

Step Two: The Back

pillow patterns

For the back panel take a red square and a yellow square and sew them together.

Do this with the remaining two squares and then with opposite colors together and right sides of fabric together attach your squares.  It will look like this.

pillow patterns

Step Three: The Side Pillow Strips

pillow patterns

Take your remaining yellow strips and attach them to all sides of the back panel that you have just created.

When your back panel is complete, set it a side. You are now ready to put your zipper in.

Step Four: The Zipper

pillow patterns

Place the zipper face down on the right side of the front pillow panel.

pillow patterns

With edges even, using a zipper foot, attach the zipper to the pillow as shown.

Turn the zipper over so the right side of the zipper and the right side of the pillow panel is up right. With a low temperature iron, press the seam flat.

pillow patterns

To attach the zipper to the back panel, put the two panels right sides together.

With the edge of the zipper and the edge of the back panel together sew the zipper in the same manner as the front panel as shown. Turn right side up and press with a low temperature iron.

Note This is a very simple zipper application. If you are making a dressy throw pillow you may want to install the lapped zipper.
Tutorial for a lapped zipper in a throw pillow.

Step Five: Putting Front & Back Panel Together

Attach the front and back of the pillow right sides together on all sides with zipper closed.

Open zipper to turn the pillow to the right side. Insert your pillow form and your done.

Turn the pillow right side out, and insert pillow form. Easy pillow patterns using the extra fabric from another project is economical and easy. The added cost of the pillow form and zipper was only five dollars, not a lot when you consider you have a unique addition to a bedroom or any room in your home.

Leave pillow patterns to go to sewing zippers for more information.

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