Online Fabric Stores
Where to Buy Fabric Online

Online fabric stores offer fabric for all your sewing and crafting needs. Buying fabric online can be a savour when you live in an area that doesn’t have access to fabric stores in your community. Even if you do have access to sewing and quilting stores, you may have found you don’t have the variety that online shopping can offer. 

Online Fabric Stores
Where to start?

I have put together a small list of some online fabric stores you may want to look at. I have purchased from each online store and I have given a bit of a review of my experience. 

Mention sewing fabric to a seamstress or quilter and you likely will strike a cord of excitement in them. There are two kinds of fibres, man made and natural. Natural fibres are made from plants or animals and consist of cotton, Wool, silk and linen.

Man made fibres is produced chemically. Some commonly known man made fibres are polyester, nylon, acetate, and spandex.

Textile companies have learned over the years, to take the best properties of both natural and, man made fibres and blend them. For instance the breath ability of cotton and flexibility of spandex or the easy care of polyester with the warmth of wool.

There are so many different types of fabrics available online. Here are some of the categories of fabric you can find. Keeping in mind, this is only just a few examples.

Where to find Fabric on the web

Below are a few of the places I have purchased fabric online. Typically I will shop locally, but as I mentioned above, there are times when I can’t find “the right fabric” I'm looking for. There are pros and cons to online shopping in general, but I do find shopping for fabric at home very convenient. has been a savour for finding fabric that isn’t available to me locally. I have always found my orders to be user friendly. The shipping is quite fast and the quality has never diapointed me. For Canadians you may find the cost to be an issue for the exchange, but they do carry fabric that I haven’t been able to find else where. 

Free Shipping on orders $35+


If you are a quilter, Annie’s is a fun place to shop for fabric. You will find theme quilt panels, fabric by theme and precut fabric. Have a look, you may find something here that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Amazon is great place to buy fabric online.  Ordering from Amazon is easy, and the selection is really good and the shipping is typically fast.

I like for many reasons and buying fabric online has been one of them. I have found they offer good quality and a good price.

Loralie Designs

Loralie Designs create exclusive whimsical fabrics. The fabric is high quality and I have used their fabrics for pyjamas and sleepwear. You could use it in quilting, nurses uniforms or what ever suits your fancy. Lorlie Designs is limited to a niche type of cotton fabric, and the price isn’t discount, but I personally love the chic whimsy, so if you want to create something as unique gift or something for yourself, this is the fabric to buy. They also offer embroidery designs as well as fabric.  

Loralie Designs

Buying fabric online has been a saviour a number at times. I don't hesitat to shop online to find what I can't find at home. 

Leave online fabric stores for more information about sewing fabric.

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