Free Neck Roll Pillow Pattern
Make a Throw Pillow In A Day

Neck Roll Pillow Pattern

Make a Neck Roll Pillow 

Neck roll pillows are easy to make, and great to have on hand for your bed or any where you lounge around. The fabric you use and the trim or embellishment you choose is up to you.

Here is an easy  tutorial for making one of these wonderful pillows. They don't need a lot of fabric to make this pillow and of course you can match any decor in the space it will be placed in.

What You Will Need

You will need :

  1. Fabric (
  2. Scissors
  3. Thread
  4. Sewing Machine
  5. Pillow Insert
  6. Trim (optional)
  7. Ribbon, Lace, or Cording

I used a 6"X14" neckroll pillow insert. I found this at my local fabric store. You can find throw pillow inserts at crafts stores and online. 

Free neck roll pillow pattern.
  • I cut a 15"X 21" piece for the center of the pillow and I cut two pieces 5"X 21" for the ends of the pillow.
  • I chose black ribbon for the ties for the ends of my pillow, (you will see how the ribbon is used in later steps) and I cut two strips of fringe trim for decoration.

Step One:

Take your large piece of fabric and with right sides of fabric together, pin the long edge, as shown.

Step Two:

Now sew a 1/2" seam. Then press open your seam. Set a side.

Step Three:

With right sides of fabric together, pin the short ends of the pillow   together. Sew approximately 3/4" from top down and secure with a back stitch.

Then leaving approximately, a 3/4" opening (see photo) continue to sew the rest of the short edge together.

* Here is an sample photo to show you this is an opening for the ribbon.

Step Four:

Turn down the top edge of the end piece of fabric approximately 3/4".

Step Five:(This is an optional decorative step.)

I used fringe for my trim to embellish the pillow. I cut two pieces of fringe long enough to go around each end of the pillow.

 Go back to the large piece of fabric for the middle of the pillow. Pin the trim, with edges even (see photo) and stitch in place.

Step Six:

Place the ends of the pillow with right sides together and edges even, on top of the middle fabric piece. Pin in place. You will be sandwiching the trim between the two pieces of fabric.

Step Seven:

I have cut two circles the same dimension as the end of the pillow form.

This is recommended, as the pillow form will show if you don't. I chose a contrasting color of fabric for decorative purposes. You can choose the same fabric as your pillow fabric or contrasting fabric as I did. This is your choice.

Pin your circle to the end of the pillow as shown, now hand stitch in place.

Step Eight:

Put your ribbon through the opening you created. Then place your pillow form into the pillowcase and pull the ribbon tight.

neck roll pillow tutorial
neck roll pillow tutorial

Ta Da your neck roll pillow is done.

neck roll pillow tutorial

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Please share your creations if you have made a pillow using this method.

Happy Sewing!

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