Making Costumes. I have just learned to sew, can I make a costume?

by Leah

I just learned to sew and I am looking to make a simple colonial costume. Am I ready? Where can I find an easy costume pattern?

Hi Leah,

Congratulations, I like hearing these words "I just learned to sew".

Although I don't know what your skill level really is, I am assuming you have a sewing machine and you can sew a straight seam. In that case, yes you can sew a costume.

I would choose a beginner pattern. This would mean as few garment details as possible. Meaning no zippers or buttons holes etc. Choose elastic waist bands and use snaps for closures when possible. It helps when you are first learning.

I will recommend Simplicity Pattern Group. This pattern company has the most extensive pattern selection offered. There are other pattern companies that offer costume patterns, such as Mccalls and Kwik Sew, but Simplicity is the best. Here is a link. - Halloween Costume Supplies

Remember, it is not a race. Take it slow and if you need any help with your pattern or project please don't hesitate to contact me.

Happy sewing Leah.


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