Sew Your Own Low Rise Jeans

Sewing Low Rise Jeans

Sewing Low Rise Jeans by monicahall featuring straight leg jeans

 Low cut denim pants are not new on the fashion front. "Hipsters" in the 1970's were very popular. Fashion trends come and go and then they reappear.

The cost of designer denim has gone up with popularity. In some cases you spend $150.00 and up.

What ever your life style, most people own more than a few pairs. This can really add up.

Low cut at the waist, doesn't mean your underwear have to show when you bend over. I am talking about a stylish 1" below the belly button, instead of the "mom jeans" that fit a good 2" above the belly button.

Nothing wrong with high rise jeans, in fact they are back in style with the younger crowd, but if you are looking to be little more current in your jeans style then a lower rise is available in a sewing pattern.

Make your own jeans? Yes you can. Pattern companies are offering contemporary styles for all types of clothing, including jeans.

Low Rise Jeans: Sewing Patterns

Here are sewing patterns for you to try.

Most jean sewing patterns are straight forward. Take it slow if you are just learning to sew but I encourage you to try, you never know you may get hooked, and think of the money you would save when you find a pattern for low rise jeans you have made your self.

The Right Fabric

Choosing the right denim fabric makes a big difference with how your jeans turn out.

Pay attention to the gauge of the denim you purchase. A pair of jeans should be made from a quality medium to heavy gauge denim.

Pre wash your denim fabric at least twice. This will help to soften the fabric and gift a more "worn in" look.

Denim Fabric Options

I don't know about you, but when my jeans have a little bit of Lycra mixed in the fibers, the comfort is much nicer. Keep in mind though, when you are sewing your jeans, the Lycra will give stretch, and you may have to adjust the size.

What Needles and Thread To Use

Denim requires a different type of machine needle and thread for top stitching and sewing your seams. Below are some example of the type of thread you would use, as well as the needles.

The top stitching thread is heavy gauge. You may recognize the color is similar to the stitching on your store bought jeans. there are other colors in case you don't want contrasting stitches.

The needles you would use are design specifically for heavy denim sewing. Other needle tips tend to break or bend when sewing. So use the correct needle.

Embellish Your Jeans

How you embellish your jeans, if you choose to embellish them, can give a unique look to your pair of jeans.

Find ideas from jeans online. Search for your favorite name brand jeans and see how the designer label is embellishing them.

The images below are examples of how stitching and embellishments add interest to a pair of jeans, making your jeans unique.

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

You can find studs, and gems and other embellishments in your local fabric store or you can shop online. Try or There are some really great online stores that sell crystals and other embellishments, often cheaper than in the retail stores. 

Good luck and happy sewing!

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