Ladies Dress Pants

Sewing Wardrobe Essentials

I hope to achieve two things by letting you know, ladies dress pants are a wardrobe essential and you can sew your own dress slacks, using sewing patterns that are currently available. Learning to sew your own wardrobe essentials can go a long way to saving money. When you find the right pattern that fits your body type, making as many pairs of slacks as you need becomes easier, faster and saves you money.

I will admit, sewing pants are one of the more difficult sewing projects.

Even for an experienced sewer, pants can be a challenge, but if you find the pattern that you like and you are happy with the result, you will have the ability to sew a quality pair of dress slacks for a lot less than you would pay for the  ready to wear to wear version.

Ladies Dress Pants Patterns

vogue patterns

All the major pattern companies carry patterns for sewing your own pants. Each link will take you to the various pattern company pants section. To find the pants pattern for the image above, click here.

When you are searching for more ladies dress pants patterns, look at the different garment categories. For example, in the separates/sportswear categories, you will find pants that come with a full wardrobe. So don't forget to take a look there while on the pattern websites.

Suitable Fabric

When choosing your fabric for your dress slacks, choose light weight wools, light weight linen, light weight wool jersey. These are just some examples of fabric choices. You can look at the pattern at the back of the envelope. You will find fabric choices suitable for the style of pants you have chosen.

Think about how you want your garment to hang on your body. An example of a  stable woven fabric would be a bottom weight wool or polyester blend. If you wanted your trousers to flow slightly you would choose a fabric that would flow slightly, like a light weight linen.

In any case think about where you are going to be wearing your trousers. For instance to work, depending on your job, you would choose a formal style or a casual style. Below are examples of suiting fabric and linen. Suitable for sewing trousers. 


Helpful Sewing Classes

Easy Fitting the Palmer/Pletsch Way: Pants The Perfect Jeans: Fitting Techniques for Every Body Mastering Construction: Zippers & Waistbands (w/Sara Alm)

I have found craftsy to be one of the best for online sewing classes.

For more information about essential wardrobe pieces, go to wardrobe essentials.

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