Kids Pajamas

by Monica
(BC Canada)

Kids Pajamas

Kids Pajamas

Pattern Company?

New Look
Pattern Number?

Type of Project.

Kids Pajamas

Type of Fabric?

Cotton Flannel

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5 stars

Description of The Pattern:
Kids pajamas or nightgown
Pattern Sizing (if applicable):

Kids size 3-8
How did your project turn out? Was it the same as the pattern photo or illustration?

This pattern turned out great.
Were the instructions easy, difficult or just okay?

The instructions were very easy to follow.
What did you like or not like, about making your project?
I liked how well the pieces fit together and how easy it was to embellish the patter the way I wanted.

Why did you choose your fabric?:
I chose flannel cotton because it is cozy and the fabric I chose I thought was very cute.

Did you make any changes to the design or have to alter the pattern?

I only added piping to the top and I added the contrasting fabric to the bottom of the pants.

Is this a project you would make again?

Yes I will use this pattern again, maybe the night gown.
Over all what did you think about using this pattern?

I liked this pattern I made this pajama top and pants for my niece. It turned out very cute.

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