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Jacket sewing patterns

Jacket patterns and coat patterns are readily available from all the commercial pattern companies, in up to date styles for all your outer wear needs. The information here, is to give you inspiration to sew your own jackets and coats.

Definition of a Jacket or Coat: Courtesy of Wikipedia

The jacket or coat is a functioning garment, also used as a fashion statement. There are almost endless styles and uses for outerwear.

Jacket patterns are available from all the pattern companies. McCalls, Butterick, Vogue, Kwik Sew, Simplicity, New Look, as well as many independent pattern companies found online.

Sewing Pattern Companies


anorak jacket

The stand-alone blazer is great with jeans and leggings.

No matter what your figure type, a dark navy blazer, jeans and a white t-shirt is understated sexy and chic. Choosing a neutral color such as navy blue, will give you endless miles of wardrobe wear.

The blazer will never go out of style. Design features vary, however if you choose a classic style you will wear it for years to come. I cannot stress this enough. As you build your wardrobe add other colors as well, depending on your wardrobe style.

Here is a list of sewing pattern companies. Click the links and you will find a great variety of jacket patterns at your finger tips. I often purchase sewing patterns online from some of the companies below.

 Blazer Sewing Patterns

Below are just a few of the patterns available for sewing a blazer. Some of these patterns are older, however, the styles are timeless.

There are many styles to choose from and the level of difficulty varies. So don't let the idea of sewing a blazer or jacket of any kind, intimidate you.

Sewing Fabric for Blazers

Sewing fabric options for sewing a blazer is vast. As long as you choose fabric that suits the garment style you are sewing (the pattern it self will guide you in your choices; click here for more info on reading a sewing pattern) the out come of your project will be great. Light weight wools, Cotton Twills, Denim, Boucle, Velvet, Duchess Satin. These are just some examples of fabrics to choose from.

Anorak Jackets

Although the anorak jacket is typically meant for extreme temperatures in the deep north or south, this style of jacket has been popular in everyday winter fashion and function. You can find sewing patterns for a light version or for a winter version.

Anorak Sewing Patterns

Fabric for Anorak Jackets

Anorak style jackets can be made from light-weight fabrics such as denim, wool,

water-proof fabrics, Supplex Nylon, Rip-Stop fabric, as well as fleece. For a warmer winter version, you can line your jacket with fleece or quilted fabrics. These fabrics are readily available at your local fabric stores, as well as online fabric stores. Read the pattern envelope for help with suggested fabrics. Click any of these samples to see more details.

Bolero Jacket

The bolero jacket is so versatile and classic. Typically the bolero was made as a complimentary garment to a dress or outfit.

The bolero has now become a stand alone fashion trend as well as a practical jacket for warm weather evenings. You can dress the bolero up or wear it casually. 

Bolero Jacket Pattern

Sewing Fabric for Bolero Jacket

Sewing fabric for bolero jackets can be almost anything as long as it's not too light. A chiffon fabric for instance, wouldn't be the best choice.

Good fabric choices would be; satin, silk velvet, light weight wool fabric, denim, light weight linen, etc. Read the pattern envelope to get suggested fabrics for your projects.  Click the samples below, to see what types of fabrics are available.

Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets were born from a very practical purpose. Aircraft from   WWI did not have covers on the cockpits. The pilots were exposed to the elements when flying.

Pilots were wearing leather coats to try to keep warm when they were in the air. As a result, the military started issuing leather coats designed to keep pilots warm. Fashion of course, does what fashion does best and copies "the look".  The bomber jacket has remained a fashion option ever since.

 Bomber Jacket Patterns

sewing bomber jackets

Admittedly there isn't a lot of sewing patterns for bomber jackets. The fun part of designing and creating your own fashion is there are no set rules. Create and make it your own. Below are just a few ideas. You may also like Burda 7296.

Sewing Fabric for Bomber Jacket

Suggested fabrics for a bomber style jacket, could be wool tweed, faux sherpa, faux fur, heavy gauge denim, heavy twill etc. Below are just a few samples and possibilities.




Cotton Camouflage