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Learning how to sew is fun, challenging and rewarding. At Sew Stitch Learn you will find, how to sew basic seams and learn basic sewing skills to get you started. You will learn to read a pattern and learn to sew with different types of fabric. You will find inspiration to sew projects you can use and enjoy in everyday life. 

Learn the basic seam stitches to get you started, completing a zipper application, are just two of the basic skills you would need for learning to be a good seamstress. 

Below are links to fundamental how to sew information you will need. When you are learning to sew, straightforward information will help you make sense of this wonderful craft, easing you into more difficult sewing projects.

How To Sew
Quick Links to Learn the Basics

Sewing a straight seam doesn’t appear to be very exciting, however, if you know how to do this essential sewing task, your sewing projects will look great and you will be proud to show off your efforts.

Sewing patterns

Sewing patterns

If you have looked at a sewing pattern and thought it looked intimidating, our sewing pattern page will help you figure out the details. The more you know going into a sewing project the better. Have a look and get some help. 

Sewing Materials and Supplies

Sewing materials and suppliesSewing Kits

There are a lot of sewing tools and materials that may make your life  easier when you sew. Have a look at the sewing materials page for what some of the tools are used for. 

Sewing Machines

Janome 11000 sewing machine

Your sewing machine is of course a huge part of your sewing life. If you need a sewing machine or need help understanding more about them, go to my sewing machines page for help. If you would like to know a little history about the sewing machine check out who invented the sewing machine.

Sewing Fabrics

sewing fabric

The joy of fabric! That is what any seamstress or quilter thinks when you go into a fabric store. Find out a little more about the different types of fabrics at sewing fabric page.


Bias tape, sewing notions

Much like sewing tools and materials, you find sewing notions are also important for making your sewing life easier. Check out the sewing trims and notions page for more information. 

Sewing Tutorials
Quick Links To Popular Pages

how to make a bow


Sewing a bow seems like a simple task, but there are many ways to creat a bow. Here is a page on how to make a bow, have a look. 

Sewing Links For Inspiration

 Quilt Patterns

free baby quilt patterns

Sharing your sewing creations is a great way to help each other learn. If you have sewn the latest garment from one of the commercial pattern companies or any sewing project, share in the sewing community. You can do this here, or search for forums and other sewing websites such as www.allfreesewing.com. This is a wonderful sewing website to get and give sewing inspriation. 

Below are some of the sewing projects I have put together. You can share your projects below as well. I am happy to see what you have been creating. 

Homemade Costumes

Here are some examples of how to make the best Halloween costumes. There are many patterns and tutorials available on internet. Your imagination is your only limit. 

Learn how to buy a sewing machine.

Learn what sewing materials and supplies are needed when you are starting out. Find inspiration to sew home decor, a baby quilt, or fashion for yourself.

Click the links below to see just some of the pages available. If you are on a budget knowing how to hem your own pants can be a money saver. Click the link for a sewing tutorial on hemming pants.

More Information on How To Sew

You will find sewing information on how  to buy fabric, how to read a sewing pattern, and if you have already started your sewing experience, you can share your sewing projects here too.

Sewing Information:
Tell me what you need

Don't hesitate to let me know what sewing instructions you need. The form below gives you the opportunity to tell me what sewing help you would like to see.

It also gives me the opportunity to solve your problems when ever I can and it will help me become a better seamstress too. 

If you have your own sewing tips and sewing information you would like to share, please do. We all want to see what our fellow sewers are doing.

The more sewing communities on the web the better. This is a wonderful skill to have no matter what level you are. So many people ask me simple "how to's" for sewing buttons and other basic sewing techniques, so if you share you will be benefiting a lot of visitors

Please look through the other pages Sew Stitch Learn has to offer, I think you will find the information  helpful.

Do You Have A Sewing Tip? Want To Share Your Tip? Or Do You Have A Sewing Question?

Share Your Tip or Question With Your Fellow Sewers!

If you have a question, please give as much information as you can.
For example the pattern brand and number of pattern or photos of what your working on. This will make it so much easier for me to help you.

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Sewing Instructions and Basic Sewing Techniques
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Easy Sewing Projects
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McCalls Patterns...Inspiration for sewing.
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Vogue Patterns-High Fashion Designer Sewing Patterns
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Plus Size Sewing Patterns
Sewing your own fashions with plus size sewing patterns can offer you a completely new wardrobe. You can customize your clothing to fit and choose from a wide range of quality fabrics and styles.
Childrens Sewing Patterns. Inspiration For Sewing Kids Clothes
Childrens sewing patterns-Inspriation for sewing your children's clothing and more.
Sewing Fabric: A reference guide for fabrics.
Advice about sewing fabric. A reference guide for your sewing projects
Chiffon Fabric- Understanding Sheer Fabric -Sew-Stitch-Learn.com
Understanding chiffon fabric-How to sew with sheer fabrics.
Sewing With Denim Fabric
Sew your own garments with denim fabric and save on the cost of designer denim.
Organic Fabric for Sewing
Sewing with organic fabric. An ecologically sound way to sew & create.
Sewing with Spandex Fabric
Instructions for sewing spandex fabric. Information for successful spandex garments.
Wool Fabric, How To Sew With Wool
Wool fabric keeps us warm and dry. Here are some great choices for wool sewing fabric.
Online Fabric Stores
5 Best Online Fabric Stores
Making Homemade Costumes Using Sewing Patterns
Make great homemade costumes using costume patterns.
Strawberry Shortcake Costume
Make your own homemade Strawberry Shortcake costume. Here how I did it.
Sew A Frida Kahlo Costume, Using Sewing Patterns.
Frida Kahlo costume. How to sew mexican inspired costume.
Dorothy Costume-Sew A Wizard of Oz Costume
Dorothy costume for Halloween. Classic Halloween costume to sew for your child or for you.
Sailor Moon Costume. How To Make a Cosplay Costume
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Burlesque Costume. Sewing Patterns For Can Can Burlesque.
Burlesque Costume Ideas. Sew a burlesque can can costume using sewing patterns.
Steampunk Clothing-Inspiration To Sew Steampunk Fashion
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Colonial Clothing-Womens Pioneer Clothing
Making Colonial Clothing. Pioneer clothing made from Simplicity and McCalls Patterns. Great costume ideas for halloween costumes, theater costumes, costume parties.
Wardrobe Essentials. Sew Your Own Fashion Wardrobe.
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Sewing Summer Fashion Essentials
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Bohemian Clothing Style
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Little Black Dress-Wardrobe Essentials
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Free Quilt Patterns
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Hem Pants -Save Money-Learn How
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Bonnet Pattern. How to make a bonnet
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Baby Minnie Mouse Costume
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Costume Pattern
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Classic Fashion. What is it? Is This Your Style?
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