I have a question about the tailor tacker.

by Amanda Cooper
(Fort Lewis, WA)

I noticed you show a tailor tacker (the item with the chalk on both sides and the tack in the middle) and show the Dritz brand can be purchased through www.sew-materialistic.com, but there site shows their store is closed and do not show a date of reopening. I would really like to purchase one for my mother in-law for her birthday which is mid May. Can you help with where to possibly buy one somewhere else?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Hi Amanda,

I apologize for taking so long to answer your question and for the fact that my link is no longer current.
However, I didn't want to answer until I had exhausted all possibilities.

These tailor tackers are very hard to find. In fact I have not been able to find a current link to any website that sells them.

In my search I did find a vintage tool that looks like it would be handy, so here is the link.

I understand you wanted to give this as a gift so I feel sad that I can't find anyone to send you to.

Again I apologize Amanda, I hope you can find one or perhaps the link I have sent you will be of help.

Happy Sewing

Sew Stitch Learn

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