i have a question about taking in waist

by laura

First photo, I have place pins where I would want to place darts.

First photo, I have place pins where I would want to place darts.

I've just bought my 1st sewing machine.. very exciting stuff!! :) I've been practicing away, making all sorts of things for the children and the dog! But my husband has now given me my 1st 'real job'... Taking the waist in of his work trousers in by about 3 ins...!!????

I don't know where to start.. ha

Please help :)

Many Thanks.

Congratulations, a new sewing machine is very exciting, and you're a champion for jumping in and getting started.

To answer your question about altering your husbands pants, it does depend on what type of pants you are altering. Only because garments are constructed differently. Three inches is a fair bit to take in, so you want to make sure you distribute the darts evenly across the back of the pants.

With men's trousers, the manufacturer, sometimes will allow for taking in and letting out at the back center seam. It really depends on the style of pants. However, not knowing how the pants are constructed I have given an example of what I would do if I were to alter my husbands pants.

This is the simplest way for me to show you how to reduce the waistband without seeing his actual pants.

I really hope this helps you, Laura. Please let me know if you need anything else. If possible you could send me photos of his pants as well.

Happy sewing
PS. you can click on each photo image to see my instructions.

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