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Portable Bobbin Winders

Information about the bobbin winder. What is it? How do they work? Where can you find one?

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Free Perfect Beach Dress Sewing Project

The Perfect Beach Dress is an A-line dress, meant to be worn over your swimsuit and it falls above the knee. I have made this dress for myself in a few

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How To Sew Find Free Advice to Help you Get Started

How to sew. Free sewing advice, tips and techniques, for the beginner sewing enthusiast

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Free Star Spangled Table Mat

Looking in my sewing room, I spotted a roll of nylon cord next in my leftover fabric basket. There's not much fabric left in the basket, but there's

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Free Webbing Belt Sewing Project

A webbing belt is one of the most versatile belts you can possibly own. This type of belt is very strong and versatile while being very easy to make.

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Free Mesh Lingerie Bag Sewing Project

I'm always keen to try new things so when I saw this ‘fabric' I just had to give it a try. Fabric that is far more air and holes than it is fabric. I

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Free Gardening Tool Belt Sewing Project

The gardening tool belt has a main pouch and one additional pocket. You can easily add another pocket if you choose. I think this decision you will have

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Burlesque Costume. Sewing Patterns For Can Can Burlesque.

Burlesque Costume Ideas. Sew a burlesque can can costume using Simplicity sewing pattern 2851

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Novelty Fabric

Learn how to sew with novelty fabrics.

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Sew Stitch Learn Sitemap Index

Sew Stitch Learn Sitemap Index to help you navigate and find all the pages on this site.

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