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Free Baby Changing Mat Sewing Project

Babies will soon be popping out everywhere so my sewing for all the new babies continues. There's one thing I know when they aren't sleeping/feeding/screaming,

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About the Sewing Machine

Sewing machine tips to learn how the sewing machine works, and how to buy a machine that works best for you.

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How To Sew Find Free Advice to Help you Get Started

How to sew. Free sewing advice, tips and techniques, for the beginner sewing enthusiast

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How to Install Bag Feet

I'm always looking for ways to make my homemade bags look more professional and although it does increase the cost, adding hardware such as clasps, feet,

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Free Racerback A-Line Dress Project

This racerback A-line dress is called NINA. This dress has two pockets in the front to carry your phone. A soft V-neck to elongated your neckline. An

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Free Halter Neck Blouse Sewing Project

My regular rummage in the remnants bin this week found a piece of chiffon. It has a floral pattern and isn't too big, but it was so light, and the remnants

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Free Graffiti Dress Sewing Pattern

Another quick and simple to sew dress pattern that looks good on lots of different body shapes. Features of the Graffiti dress: - Sleeveless with narrow

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Easy Way to Apply Bias Tape to a V-neck Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to apply a bias tape to a v-neck and did not know how? This quick and easy tutorial will show you how to do this and is appropriate

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The Many Amazing Benefits of Quilting

A lot has been written about the many benefits of quilting, but it is only in the last couple of years that scientists and scholars really started to study

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How To Make Thread Belt Loops

A wrap dress I sewed quite a while back now has a matching belt. It fits OK at the waist when I wear it as the waist is in the right place but it bugs

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