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Child Minnie Mouse Costume

Minnie Mouse Costume-How to make an adorable child's minnie mouse costume

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The Belted Pouch Free Pattern And Tutorial

This belted pouch is large enough for a big mobile phone, a small wallet, car keys, and a couple of cards. Perfect for shopping, hiking, cocktail parties,

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Free Simple Summer Pleated Skirt FREE Pattern

I've had a couple of nice lightweight cotton fabrics in my stash since last summer, I've been meaning to make myself a couple more skirts. I've got quite

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Making Continuous Bias Binding Tape

On my list for this month – sewing for the kitchen and I wanted to make some swanky potholders. Oh no, they need bias binding, and I've never made or

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Detachable Collar: the Easy Way to Bling Your Outfit

A detachable collar is perhaps the easiest way to “bling” an outfit and make it more elegant without having to go and spend a whole bunch of money on jewelry.

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Free Sexy Comfortable Panty Sewing Project

This is the second garment of my series on my “grandmother's wardrobe”. It is my tribute to the beautiful, strong woman who was left a widow and successfully

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Free Turning Japanese Bag Sewing Project

Have you tried the Turning Japanese Bag pattern yet? You should give it a try – it's really easy! Part of the ‘My First Bag series' it's a single pattern

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How to Sew Snap Tape to Close a Pillow Back

I've been making a few throw pillows (cushions if you are British) just recently and been looking for ways to close the back so they are still easily accessible

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Free Winter Hat with Faux Fur Trimming FREE Pattern

A winter hat with faux fur trim will be the perfect accessory for those cold winter days ahead. The amount of fur you will need is very little, which

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Free Easy Cosmetics Bag Sewing Project

The bag is simple, uses very little fabric (about 2/3rds of a fat quarter), has no fussy inside pockets (although you can add your own if you like), and

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