How To Make Thread Belt Loops

by Mayra Cecilia

A wrap dress I sewed quite a while back now has a matching belt. It fits OK at the waist when I wear it as the waist is in the right place but it bugs me when I hang up the dress and the belt is separate and I have to hang it over the hanger – and invariably it slips off and ends up on the floor with my cat dragging it around.

I need some of those thread belt loops that you used to see on dresses to hold the belt. I think these add a nice touch, hold the belt where it should be when worn, and when you take it off, the belt can still stay with the dress, ready for when you wear it next.

So I set out to make some. You can sort of crochet them with needle and thread, but goodness, who has time for all that with thin thread these days. Not sure my middle-aged eye-sight could cope with that! I was looking for a quick and easy way – by machine with minimal hand-sewing.

Here's how to make thread belt loops:

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