How to Gather Fabric and Add Ruffles Properly

by Mayra Cecilia

We can all agree that there is always more than one way to do things, especially in sewing. The method I am going to show you to gather fabric and add ruffles properly is slightly more time consuming than you may be used to, but it will give you the best result.

Some lucky people have the use of a gathering foot for light fabric and the ruffler foot for medium to heavy fabrics. Others would much rather use the very handy dental floss gathering technique if pressed for time or are left with no other choice. I'm going to show you yet another, and I think a better technique.

I use this technique to add ruffles properly when I am spending a lot of money on the fabric. The best example I could give you on when to use this technique would be a wedding dress or a dress that will be on stage for many eyes to see.

Click here for the full tutorial.

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