How to do quick and easy gathering with dental floss

by Mayra Cecilia

No matter how careful I was, how slowly I did it, I kept on breaking my gathering threads. Over and over again. And I'd have to unpick and start again. And again. My fabric was starting to fray and really suffer and I was getting nowhere. That's when I threw it all the floor in disgust and took a break for coffee and a Creme Egg. I like to brush after eating sugary snacks, and when I opened the bathroom cabinet to get my toothbrush I had a eureka moment! My eyes fell on the dental floss.

I'm not sure where I saw this, but somewhere in the back of my sewing brain, I remembered seeing someone using fishing line to gather fabric. Well, I didn't have any, but I did have dental floss and it's long, thin, waxy – it should be perfect!

Check the free tutorial:

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