Homemade Baby Gifts Ideas

Have fun making homemade baby gifts that come from the heart. Giving a baby shower gift at anytime is of course appreciated. Giving homemade  gifts is just a little more special. Handmade baby gifts make wonderful heirlooms.

You don't need exceptional sewing skills, or have great baby craft ideas. You just need a little extra time and be willing to get inspired. Don't forget that the gifts can be for Mom and Dad too. The new parents likely will appreciate a little something for them as well. 

Homemade Baby Gifts
Give a personal gift you have sewn yourself

If you are looking for homemade baby gift ideas for gifts, sewing patterns are a good place to start. Of course you could personalize anything you make, whether it is a blanket, lamp shade that matches the decor, baby bedding, or accessories for the babies room.

Homemade Hospital Survival Kit

If you have not experienced having a baby, then you may ask...what is this? A hospital survival kit is a basket full of comfort for the mom to be, for her stay in the hospital.

List of things to put in your survival kit.

Some of these items could be homemade and some items could be purchased, either way it would be most appreciated.

  • *Start out with a basket or decorative box that could be used again for something else.
  • A homemade pair of pajama pants or a nursing shield.
  • A pair of fuzzy socks to keep the new mommies feet warm.
  • A magazine or two for the experienced mom or a helpful parent magazine for the new mom.
  • Mini makeup kit: Lip balm, moisturizer, blush, concealer, mascara.
  • Mini tooth brush and tooth paste.
  • Gum or Mints
  • Mini shower gel, mini shampoo and conditioner

All these items wrapped up in a basket or decorative container and a bow would make a wonderful homemade gift.

Homemade Baby Slippers

You can find sewing patterns for just about everything. Even baby shoes. These adorable shoes are not difficult to make and when you only need a very small amount of fabric and supplies you can make a lot of them, for boys and girls.

Baby Fabrics

It's hard to resist baby anything, and fabric is no exception. The cutest most soft fabrics are usually in the kids section of the fabric stores.

I have a hard time resisting them. Best baby fabrics are cotton and natural fibers in my opinion. There are however, man made fabrics that make wonderful quilts and baby items. Here is a short list of fabrics to look for online or in the fabric stores. I have also given a sample below of some cute prints to consider.

  • Fleece fabrics
  • Minky fabrics
  • Flannel fabrics
  • Satin fabrics
  • Cotton fabrics
  • Tulle

I often shop for fabric online it is a better way to find what I need. Like any online shopping, go to a reputable online store and you will find great selection and deals. Here are some examples of where to go for fabric around the web.

Homemade Baby Toys

  • Warning: If you sew or create any baby toys, be sure they are safe and secure. For instance no beading or buttons that could choke a small baby or child.

With organic fabrics becoming available online and in your local fabric stores, making baby fabric toys is healthy and fun.

Babies are tactile. Putting things in their mouth is just as important as touching, so to keep your toys healthy I recommend organic fabrics. Some toys such as grab rings and fabric blocks don't really require a pattern, you just have to use your imagination.

For fabric blocks, cutting out different size squares to make your blocks and filling each block with an organic cotton stuffing is pretty easy, if you are not an experienced sewer, I suggest starting with this, for your homemade baby gifts.

Here are some other toy patterns to try.

Baby Quilt Patterns

Baby quilts make a wonderful gift. You can customize the quilt to match the color and decor of the babies room. Most baby quilt patterns are not difficult, it just takes a little effort and the out come is priceless. Hear are a few Quilt Sewing Patterns to help inspire you.

Quilt Tutorials

soccer ball quilt
free quilt pattern

Quilt Sewing Patterns

Baby Accessories

I'ts easy to incorporate the new baby's nursery colors into baby accessories gifts, turning practical, into boutique style charming gifts. It doesn't take much fabric and they are always useful, as well as easy to make if you are learning to sew.

Cheap Baby Gifts and Ideas

  • Gift Certificates

Homemade baby gifts can also include certificates. Talk about cheap baby gifts that is worth it's weight in gold to the new parents. Create certificates that offer:

  • Baby sitting services

This would be a helpful service if the new parents have older children that need some attention or perhaps you could offer a sleep over to help the new parents get a much needed solid night sleep.

  • Laundry and cleaning services

Every family has laundry, so offering to help out with the back log of this chore would be most appreciated I'm sure.

  • Cooking services

Whether you come over and cook a meal or offer the frozen alternative, not having to cook a meal is always appreciated.

  • Walking the dog services

Family pets some times get neglected with the baby needing so much attention. If possible offer your dog walking services.

  • One Week of Running Errands Service

Running errands such as grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, picking older siblings up from school for the first week of baby coming home, these are all helpful services to offer and would be most appreciated I'm sure. Gifts don't have to cost money to be of great help.

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