Hi Monica I have a question about one of your articles

by Ginny Beres
(New Mexico)

Hi Monica,

My name is Ginny and I manage two of my own websites, Shop4Prom.com and Costume.com.

I have been enjoying your website while looking at the pajama patterns for my grandson, I am thinking of making him an elf pajama!

I was wondering if I could re-publish your "Make your own Prom Dress" article on my website. Of course, I would give you full credit for the article and will make no changes to it unless you wish. My prom girls will love this article because they will be encouraged to create a true one of a kind dress for prom. And I will link to your site, so you will get people visiting who enjoy sewing.

I also write about red carpet dresses, as well as costumes, so other articles may come in handy!

Let me know your thoughts...look forward to your reply.

Best regards and happy holidays...Ginny
here's my email :

Hi Ginny,

I would be flattered for you to post the article. I look forward to visiting your website and if you like, I could add your links to your websites to share with my visitors.


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