Free Quilt Patterns

Make a Soccer Ball Quilt

Free quilt patterns for making a soccer ball quilt. Do you have a soccer fan in your life? This soccer ball quilt is a fun gift for someone, or maybe you are the soccer fan, in which case, make one for yourself.

Front of the quilt

Soccer ball quilt, free quilt patterns

Back of the quilt

Soccer ball quilt, free quilt patterns

I was commissioned by my son to make this quilt for a 1 year old little boy. It was a challenge to say the least. There were no soccer ball patterns for making a quilt that suited my sons needs and he wanted the quilt to look as much like a soccer ball as possible. This is the result and I would like to share this free quilt patterns.

  • Because the soccer ball quilt is for a one year old, I have used flannel and fleece fabrics for a soft blanket that will wrap easily around the baby.
  • I did not use batting in the middle of the quilt or any other fill, the reason for this is the fabrics I used are soft and cozy enough and I didn't feel batting was needed.
  • However if you use cotton or any other woven fabrics I do recommend using batting in the middle for warmth.

Getting Started

The free quilt patterns soccer ball quilt I made is 50" in diameter using a six inch, hexagon.

What You Will Need:

  • 6",  Hexagon Template
  • Sharp Scissors or
    Rotary Cutter & Mat
  • Fabric: I used flannel and fleece for this quilt.
    Note: How much fabric you need will depend on how large you make your quilt and how many contrasting fabrics you use.
  • Spray Fabric Glue (optional)
  • Fabric Paint (optional)
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine or Serger

I made my own hexagon...I should have bought one! I used too much time trying to figure it out. I am sure there are quilting shops or sewing shops in your area that would have these templates, or you can click the link here to purchase online. I highly recommend it. :)

Free Soccer Ball Quilt Pattern
Step by Step

Step One:

  • You can see the quilt coming together just by adding the hexagons to the center black piece.

Step Two:

  • When I had the middle of the quilt complete, I then started the next section.
  • Start adding the next black hexagon like this.
  • Then you attach the white hexagons the same way you did with the center part.
  • Do this until you do not have any more full size hexagons left to sew.

Step Three:

  • When you are finished with all the large hexagons, you will now need to fill in the edges to complete the circle. Using the scraps of white flannel, this is how I did it.
  • Note: The photo examples below are of the other side of this quilt. I neglected to take photos of the black and white side for this step.
  • I placed a scrap piece of fabric under the quilt and marked where I need to cut.
  • I cut the scrap fabric in the shape of the missing piece and then attached it the same way I did all the other full size hexagons.
  • Do these steps until you have a complete circle.

Step Four:

  • Then with my scissors, I trimmed the edges to even out the circle.
  • Next, I found the center of the quilt and placed a mark to indicate the center.
  • From my center mark, I measured 24" to the edge of the quilt and made marks every few inches as shown.
  • Then with my scissors, I trimmed the edges to even out the circle, being careful to only cut on the markings at the 24" markings.
  • You now have the completed soccer ball side of this quilt.

Free Quilt Patterns: Side Two

  • You of course could make this side of the quilt what ever you choose, but because the recipient of this quilt is a Manchester United soccer fan, it was fitting that the other side of my quilt was their team colors.
  • I cut 3 hexagons in the yellow fabric.
  • 16 hexagons in the red flannel.
  • I attached the 3 yellow hexagons together and started attaching the red hexagons around the yellow to form the center of this side of the quilt.
  • Keep doing this until you have used all the full size hexagons sewn together.
  • Then in the same way that I completed the edge for the black and white soccer ball side of the quilt, you will take the same steps for this side.

Free Quilt Patterns
Finishing The Soccer Ball Quilt

  • To finish the quilt, I first had to cut out the lettering for the Manchester United side and attach the letters before I sew the two sides together.
  • I cut out the letters that you see, and with fabric spray glue, I attached the letters in the center of the quilt. I then stitch a straight seam around the lettering for added stability. To finish the edges of the lettering, I used fabric paint.
  • Note: You can purchase the spray glue and the paint, at your local craft store. Follow the directions for both products as the manufacturer suggests.
  • I have an embroidery machine. , so I chose to personalized the quilt with the name and birth date of the recipient. This is of course optional.
  • To attach the quilt I lay the two sides with right sides together. Stitch all the way around in a 1/4" seam, leaving about a 6" opening to turn the quilt the right way.

You can hand stitch or machine stitch to close the opening after the quilt is turned.

This is the finished soccer ball quilt. I hope this free quilt patterns page has inspired you to make a soccer ball quilt of your own.

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