Free Baby Quilt Patterns

Free baby quilt patterns? Nothing comes free very often, if ever. So here is a nice change to that theory, I’d to share with you how I made my first quilt.

baby quilt pattern

This was my first attempt at quilting. I wanted to make a shower gift for a good friend who of course was having a baby. It turned out so well . . . at least I think it did . . . I would like to share it with anyone that is looking to do the same. My criteria was cute, quick and easy, as I had left making my gift to the last minute.

This is a quick and easy baby quilt. I had the bright idea that I had never sewn a quilt before, and thought it was a wonderful keep sake my friend could hold onto for her little boy. These types of gifts are personal and tend to be saved as a keep sake. 

Free Baby Quilt Pattern

The fashion seamstress becomes a quilter. Quilting is an amazing craft and I can see how the addiction to quilting, can be appealing. 

It didn’t dawn on me at the time to see if there were any free baby quilt patterns available on the Internet, so I just started making my own.

How I got started

I wasn't sure where to start, so I started with graph paper.

I already had some of the fabric and I found the coordinating fabric colors that I liked, and purchased the rest of what I needed. This wasn’t much.

This is the step by step of how I came up with my design for this free baby quilt pattern.

You of course, should choose the color combination and type of fabric you would like to use, but I will refer to the colors I used only for reference sake.

Please Note: I didn't use batting or any type of filler for this quilt. The reason for this was, that I used flannel and very soft and warm fabrics. I wanted the quilt to be soft and easy to wrap around the baby. If you use cotton-quilting fabrics, I recommend using a batting in the middle for warmth.

I used five different fabrics to make this quilt, however, again you choose the color combination that suits you.

baby quilt pattern

I recommend using graph paper to draw out your free baby quilt pattern, doing so, kept me organized.

I decided this free baby quilt pattern, should be 36" X 30". This is a nice easy size. I had a limited time frame, so the squares will be 6". On my graph paper, I counted every square as one inch.

I drew lines on the graph paper to indicate, 6" squares. Then for every other square, I quartered it to make 3" squares.

Then I found my pencil crayons, and color the squares to indicate the color of each fabric I used.

What You Will Need

• Graph Paper

• Rotary Cutter or Scissors

• Cutting Mat if you use rotary cutter.

• Thread

• Sewing Machine

• Ruler or 6 1/2 " quilters square.

• Steam Iron

  • Cut 15- 6 1/2 X 6 1/2" squares from the green popcorn fabric.
baby quilt pattern
  • Cut 30- 3 1/2 X 3 1/2" squares from the animal print fabric.
  • Cut 15- 3 1/2 X 3 1/2" squares from the solid cream fabric.
baby quilt patter
  • Cut 15- 3 1/2 X 3 1/2" squares from the solid yellow fabric.

Note: I used the yellow popcorn fabric for the front in squares and for the back of the quilt. 

  • Cut 15- 3 1/2 X 3 1/2" squares for the fringe.
  • Cut 36 + 1/2 inch X 30 + 1/2 " for the backing. Again, from the yellow popcorn fabric.

Start Sewing Your Quilt

Note: The 1/2" is for the seam allowance. Your seam will be of 1/4" when sewing your squares together.

  • I started sewing the 3 1/2 inch squares first. This is where the graph paper pattern comes in handy to keep you organized.
  • Once I had these squares finished. Then I started to sew all the squares together. So you will be sewing your block of 3 1/2 " squares to your solid 6" squares.
  • Once you have all your squares sewn together. You can now make the fringe.

The Fringe

  • To make the fringe, I put the animal print flannel and yellow popcorn fabric 3 1/2" squares, right sides together, and I sew all the way around the squares.
  • (Remember you have a 1/4" seam allowance.)
  • Then with your scissors or rotary cutter, and with a ruler, cut each square diagonally.
  • You will now have triangles instead of squares and need to turn each triangle to the right side and press with a steam iron.
  • Once you have your 6" square blocks made and you have sewn all of the 6" solid squares together to make the top of the quilt, and you have your triangles for the fringe made, lay the triangles so the points of the triangles are lying inward to the quilt, and the raw edge of the triangle is even with the raw edge of the top quilt.
  • Pin your triangles to the quilt. Then hand baste them to secure the triangles when you sew the backing to the front of the quilt.
  • The triangles will now be sandwiched between the top and bottom layers.
  • Lay the backing for the quilt, right sides together with the top of the quilt and make sure your edges are all even.
  • Pin the two layers together.
  • I don't hand baste the edges, but if you feel like you will have a better time with keeping your layers straight and even, instead of using pins, then by all means ad this step.
  • Remember your seam allowance is 1/4". When you sew, leave an opening of approximately 6 or 7 inches, so you can turn the quilt to the right side.
  • After you stitch all the way around your quilt edge, hand stitch the 7" opening, closed when you have turned your quilt to the right side.

Good luck I hope you enjoy your free baby quilt patterns.

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