Free Tutorial to add extra pockets to any tote bag sewing project

by Mayra Cecilia

How to Add Pockets to a Tote

I love totes, especially small ones. They are easy to make and to carry because they limit the number of things you can put inside. That makes it easier on your back and perfect for walking around. With a small tote, all the essentials are right at your fingertips, but unfortunately they’re at everyone else’s as well.

So where do you put your money? This is one of those sewing hacks when you aren't entirely satisfied with the number of pockets that your tote, handbag or backpack has and want to add more. I'll show you how to add these secure inside pockets that are closed by a zipper to help keep what you want inside while stopping pickpockets and the like outside.

Check the free sewing tutorial here:

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