Free Turtleneck Top FREE Sewing Pattern

by Mayra Cecilia

This is the turtleneck top pattern. It will make one of the simplest, but versatile pieces in your wardrobe.

Dressing in layers is the key to staying comfortable in the winter months and as a bonus, helps you save some money on heating. Placing your thermostat to 17C (62F) to 18C (64F) degrees and throwing on a few more blankets or a lovely rag quilt will be a great help to your pocket, and if money is not an issue then think of the environment. Taking these small steps does more for the environment than virtue signaling in some social media account as it is the trend these days.

This turtleneck top pattern is great for layering, as well as a standalone piece. It's one of the easiest patterns to sew for how useful it is!

Check the free pattern and tutorial here:

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