Free Sewing Mat Organizer Pattern

by Mayra Cecilia

Sewing Mat Organizer Pattern

Sewing Mat Organizer Pattern

I got the idea for a sewing mat organizer one morning after spending four hours the prior night looking for a regular presser foot for my sewing machine, only to find it at the bottom of my serger scrap catcher. I found it mixed up with a collection of sewing machine needles, pins, and almost empty bobbins.

I decided to design a new sewing mat organizer pattern and project for you that would not only keep my tools in an easy place but also double as a scrap catcher. I also added a handy reference ruler and place to pin, sort, and store my sewing machine needles.

This Sewing Mat Organizer has one needle organizer, one small ruler (in centimeters and in inches), and two pockets (one will double as scrap catcher and the other can hold your tools).

Check the FREE Sewing Mat Organizer Pattern and Tutorial From So Sew, here:

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Oct 11, 2018
Fixing Link Confusion
by: Monica

I have recently had a reader that was confused about the link on this free pattern and tutorial submission. She suggested that Sew Stitch Learn was deceptive in the information that is offered by myself or other contributors. The term "fake" was used.

I do not and would not "fake" my visitors into thinking they are clicking on something false. If I say there is a tutorial for free, there will always be a link that will take you to a free tutorial.

As I do mention on my site, I have affiliate links that help me cover the cost of keeping Sew Stitch up and running. However, this in no way impedes the quality of the information added by myself, or others, to give free links for sewing advice, tutorials, and tips.

At the end of every submission, you will see a URL that you can copy and paste and place in your browser. This will take you to the tutorial that has been posted. Due to the confusion, I have created a link that will take you directly to the tutorial.

Check the FREE Sewing Mat Organizer Pattern and Tutorial From So Sew, here:

I hope this clears up any future, misperceptions about the content here. I value my contributors and the content they offer to the Sew Stitch Learn sewing community.

Happy Sewing


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