Free Peplum Summer Top Sewing Project

by Mayra Cecilia

The peplum, originally worn around the hips, is a practice that goes back to the ancient Greeks, around 500 BC. Since then it has been known as a piece of extra fabric that is attached to the waistline of a top, skirt, or dress. The peplum flares out and down towards the hips and creates the silhouette of a cinched waist. It accentuates a woman’s curves to give the illusion of an hourglass figure.

This is an easy pattern to work with and an easy summer top to make. This top is perfect for summer wear as it has pleats that lay over the belly making that area not bulge. It's a semi-fitted top so it is ideal that you choose a fabric that is made with natural fibres. Since it is a summer top we can make it with or without sleeves.

Check the free tutorial here:

Vogue Pattern 1636 would be a nice complementary jacket for the peplum top above.

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