Free Easy Sweater Pattern Sewing Project

by Mayra Cecilia

I love the fresh look of a soft cotton long sleeve knitted top, even in summer you can pull this look. But winter is a special time to wrap yourself in a comfortable but elegant knitted top that won't break the bank. If you are lacking in time like me, here is an easy sweater pattern for non-knitters.

This is an easy sweater to make, however, you do have to pay special attention to the pattern markings and the symbols on the pattern. There are seven pattern pieces, plus two more you'll need to draft yourself depending on your size. To save paper and time I have not done this for you. These pieces are rectangles that will become the ribbing added to the cuffs and to the hemline. These pattern pieces are very simple to make and would be good practice if you're just starting out in sewing and pattern making.

Get the free pattern and tutorial here:

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