FREE DIY Money Belt Sewing Project

by Mayra Cecilia

Here's a pattern for a running belt with pockets and an elasticized adjustable strap so you can tailor it to any waist size. This pouch could also be called a money belt, travel belt or sports belt. Place the pouch on your front or back and cover it with a T-shirt and no one will know it is there. There is enough room for a big phone, money, keys and even coins. Keep your valuables safe while at the gym, jogging or traveling.

1/4″ yard oilcloth, canvas, twill, acetate (umbrella fabric) or quilting cotton
2 x nylon zipper 14″ long
2 x nylon zipper 6″ long
Decorative elastic or black elastic 1″ wide (amount depends on your waist; add 6″) Mine is 29″ + 6″ = 35″ length of elastic
Plastic buckle (One set) 1″ wide (most match the elastic)
1 x plastic slider 1″ wide (most match the buckle set)
A yard of 1″ wide bias tape

Check the FREE Pattern and Tutorial here:

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