Embroidery Sewing Machines & Computerized Sewing Machines

Technology has found it's way into the crafting world and embroidery sewing machines have become common place for the home sewist.

Computerized sewing machines have brought the craft of sewing to a new level of creativity. It is not necessary to have an computerized sewing machine, to enjoy sewing, as they are one of the more expensive machine options.

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However, the options a computerized machine does offer, quite simply, makes some tasks easier and faster, as well as broaden your decorative options. What was once an out of reach option to the home sewer, has become a gold mine of opportunity. Details and unique one of kind projects are now common place for the home sewer. Thank goodness for Technology.

ThreadArt is just one of the online stores that carry embroidery supplies. Here are a list of online options available.

Embroidery Sewing Machine Features

Embroidery sewing machines features vary from make and model. When purchasing a computerized sewing machine you will have to do your home work. Read the reviews on Amazon and websites that carry multiple brands. Below are some features available.

Bobbin Thread Sensor

This feature tells you when your bobbin thread is running low. A very handy feature that helps to ensure you don't continue to sew without the top and bottom threads.

On Screen Help

Computerized sewing machines come with on screen help at your finger tips. Again, brands and models will be different, but most models are user friendly. 

Stitch Length and Width

Computerized sewing machines, can be controlled by the push of a button. You can program your machine to automatically choose the right stitch and length for your project.

Selecting Pattern Stitches

The embroidery sewing machines and computerized machines have memory to hold countless utility, and decorative stitches. It can be as easy as pushing a few buttons to combined a series of decorative stitches and create beautiful detailing.

Most of these stitches are built right in, as well as having endless programming options. Your imagination only limits the decorative possibilities.

As if these options weren't enough, you can also purchase memory cards that have pre programmed logos, and appliques. You can also purchase soft ware that enables you to scan images from your computer and download into your machine.

Screen information and warnings, these options are very handy. Computerized machines have screens that give all the information you need for each stitch.

The screen tells you which presser foot to use for any stitch. The screen displays the stitch width and length in numerical increments. It warns you when your bobbin thread is running low, or if there is a thread jam or any other problem. The machine will shut down, so no damage is done to the machine.

Needle Up and Down

This feature is controlled with the touch of a button and is handy for leaving the needle in you fabric in order to pivot at corners, or when your changing positions frequently.

Needle Positioning 

The needle can be moved to the far left, centered and far right positions. Again at the push of a button.

This is useful when top stitching and edge stitching is needed. You can maintain better control of the stitch placement by moving the needle instead of the fabric.

The presser foot remains in place but the needle is placed in the desired position.

Maintenance and Repair

Should be considered regularly. Your manual will show general cleaning and maintenance of a embroidery sewing machines.

Have a professional look at your machine at least once a year for a tune up.

If you decide on a computerized sewing machine, be sure to do your home work and get professional advice. Find out what the machines can do, and how user friendly it is.

These sewing machines are for more creative sewing, so if you really want to jazz up your projects, this may be a good choice for you.

Machine Embroidery Software

Where to find Embroidery Designs

It isn't hard to find some amazing embroidery designs. You can purchase and download designs online or purchase the memory cards available from the manufacturer for your make and model if you deside to purchase an embriodery machine. Ask for help from any of the retailers that sell your machine, they'll be happy to help. Amazon is a great place to start looking. You will find a large amount of design here.  

Linda’s Embroidery Designs

Linda's Embroidery designs

Machine Embroidery Thread

Embroidery Thread

There is a specific thread made just for embroidery sewing designs. It comes in many different colors, including variegated and metallic, and has sheen. You will notice any embroidery design you see on ready to wear clothing or appliques from the fabric store or craft store look shiny and polished. The design is stitched with embroidery thread.

Spools of embroidery thread for machine embroidery sewing should not be confused with embroidery floss, also known as stranded embroidery cotton. Embroidery floss is used for hand embroidery work, as well as, cross stitch, and needlepoint.


computerized button hole


Making buttonholes can be a challenge even for experienced sewers.

Computerized machines create identical buttonholes to eliminate the guess work. Most machines will likely have a buttonhole foot that will measure the button so each buttonhole is the same.

If you decide to purchase an embroidery sewing machines do your homework and find the right machine for you. Having an embroidery machine has definitely been an asset for my sewing projects.