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Easy sewing projects are the best way to learn to sew. You don't need many complicated details to a start with a sewing project, it only frustrates you and most likely will leave you feeling defeated. I suggest looking for simple projects that in the end will be useful to you. An example would be personalized grocery bags, or cute baby bloomers as a gift or for your baby, or an easy phone charger holder or carry all for small items. The internet has so many free sewing projects to choose from. Just type and search, you are bound to find a great project to start with. 

The best way to start is with a sewing project that gives the opportunity to practice straight seams for accuracy.

Accuracy is crucial when you sew. I suggest starting with something you can wear, or something you can use when you are finished. You will feel good showing off your project no matter what you make. 

Great satisfaction comes with the opportunity to use what you make.

Here are examples of  sewing patterns to get you started. You of course can choose any thing you like, but when you choose your pattern look closely to see if the project has buttons, zippers, sewing trim, etc. If you are just starting out, I  would avoid these details. However, if you are up for the challenge then go for it.

Easy Home Decor Sewing Projects

Easy pillow patterns, curtains, tea cozy's, tea towels, theses are just a few examples of easy home decor you can make yourself.

Easy Fashion Sewing Projects

Easy fashion is a great way to start with your sewing projects. Choosing a project that you can use is the ideal way to motivate you to improve your sewing skills.

Easy Homemade Costumes Projects

Costumes are also a wonderful way to improve your sewing skills. Often when you feel inspired to make the best costume for the party or event your going to, can be the motivation to improve your skills.

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