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Do you want to design your own shirt or blouse? You can using these very simple steps.

When you look for a new shirt or blouse in the retail stores, often we have a specific style in mind. It can be frustrating when you can't find what your looking for.

The good news is, you can make a blouse or shirt your self. Look for the style you like. I was in the market for a white cotton shirt. I started by searching the internet for keywords that best describe the style I am looking for.

So I searched for a crisp white shirt that was different from the basic white shirts in the stores. I scrolled through images until I found what inspired me.

My Inspiration

White Cotton Shirt
White Cotton Blouse

It helps to have an idea of what you like and what flatters your figure. Here are the images that inspired me. 

Once you have found your inspiration, you need to find a pattern that is similar to your images.

The easiest way to do this of course is to go to any of the pattern company websites, and choose a pattern that best suits your inspiration image.

When you are looking for a pattern, don't be concerned that you can't find the exact replica of the image. Design your own shirt is exactly that, make it the way you want. It is all about getting inspired and having the freedom to have your clothes the way you want them to be.

Pattern Websites

After looking on the Vogue Patterns website, I found a pattern that was very similar to the inspiration images I liked. Here is my choice.

  • Note: This pattern is no longer available through the vogue pattern website, however, if you click the photo, you will see a similar pattern style.
Vogue Patterns

Online Fabric Stores

When you find a sewing pattern that makes you happy, you will need to find your fabric.  You can purchase fabric at your local fabric store, or shop online at the various online stores.

Below are some examples of online fabric stores. Click any of the links to see fabric available to you. 

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Although the style I chose is a loose fitting shirt, I purchased a cotton spandex blend for extra give and comfort. This was a personal choice and not necessarily needed. The color of the fabric is also a personal choice. Here are some examples of fabric suitable for this style of blouse.

Now you are ready to take a look at your pattern instructions and pattern pieces. Read the instructions carefully. Understand how your pattern will be constructed before you cut the pieces out.

This will alleviate frustration when you are ready to sew. After you are confident that you like the style and you understand the garment construction, follow the pattern advice and cut out your blouse or shirt.

Here is a sample of how my shirt was coming together and the final result.

Design Your Own Shirt: My Finished Shirt

Design your own shirt
design your own shirt

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